A Leak Reveals Komi Can’t Communicate Get Season 2

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Komi Can’t Communicate season 1 has ended with a total of 12 episodes. However, some time after the release of the last episode, we got confirmation for season 2.

In that information, Komi Can’t Communicate was announced to get season 2 which will be released in April 2022, but there is no definite release date information yet.

A Twitter user, Sugoi LITE who got a copy of the unreleased Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine revealed that Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 will be released on April 6th.

In fact, it got a new key visual shared where you can see the season 2 release date announcement as well.

The Komi San anime series is based on the manga of the same name, written and drawn by Tomohito Oda.

The manga series began in May 2016 in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine, and all manga chapters released so far have been collected in 24 volumes.

The series also received a live action adaptation series, which has 8 episodes. Studio OLM is picking up the manga for an anime adaptation, and the first season premiered in October 2021 on Netflix.

Komi entered high school and was immediately popular for her grace and beauty.

However, he had one problem, he couldn’t communicate with anyone. Tadano (an average schoolboy), who was sitting beside him noticed that Komi san was having trouble communicating.

This then makes Tadano carry out his mission to help Komi get 100 friends.