A Huge Lucas WayV Poster Photo Out In The Trash


Recently, An Image Of A Large Poster Of Lucas Appearing In A Garbage Dump Has Been Widely Spread By Netizens. This Is Quite Surprising Because The SM Idol Is Quite Popular Among Fans.

Recently a photo circulated showing a poster of Lucas on a garbage cart. This is quite surprising because the SM Entertainment idol is quite popular among fans.

Lucas is one of the most popular members in NCT and WayV thanks to his attractive visuals. As one of the visual members, Lucas always has his most wanted posters and items with his face printed on them.

But the expensive posters that used to be fought over by fans seem to have been thrown away. Recently, an image of a large poster of Lucas appearing in a garbage dump has been widely spread by netizens.

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According to the netizen who posted the photo, Lucas’ poster was taken by a cleaning lady from the trash to use as a tablecloth. That is, there is a fan who threw it away, whether intentional or not.

Since Lucas’ dating scandal involving several women accusing him of gaslighting broke out, fans have not hesitated to tear and throw away various items, photo cards, and posters of the male idol. Even Lucas’ huge fandom no longer believed in him.

In late August, Lucas was embroiled in a scandal related to his past relationship. In particular, Lucas was accused of cheating by people claiming to be his ex-girlfriends, having unprotected sex, badmouthing members of groups and TV shows, taking advantage of fans, and more.

In connection with the artist’s problem, SM Entertainment has released an official statement regarding Lucas’ dating scandal. The agency also canceled the release of the single “Jalapeno,” a new single with bandmate Hendery .

Along with a statement from SM Entertainment, Lucas wrote an apology letter that was posted on social media. He admits he was wrong and regrets his actions in the past.

Lucas is currently still stopping his activities. According to SM, this male idol takes time to reflect. There are quite a number of fans looking forward to his return.

Fansite Lucas NCT Tutup Usai Skandal, Admin Buka-Bukaan Soal Kebobrokan  Manajemen

Lucas NCT Fansite Closes After Scandal, Admin Opens Up About Management Depravity

A Former Lucas Bar Admin Released A Statement On Weibo On August 30 Explaining The Creation Of The Bar, Its Atmosphere, And Information About The Management Of The Fanbase That Was Formed In 2018.

Allegations of gaslighting surfaced on August 23 by a Korean netizen claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of NCT / WayV ‘s Lucas . Now, more information has emerged regarding the rumors of a former member of the famous Chinese fanbase bar which was recently shut down after the rumors surfaced.

As soon as the allegations were released, the largest Lucas bar (fanbase) in China was shut down almost instantly. Many WayV fans were upset and confused as to why they closed when they could have had the biggest influence on the Lucas controversy. Not much was said about closing the bar until new information was revealed on August 30th.

Lucas Bar was formed in 2018 by several Lucas fans. In the statement, it was said that one member who was secretly performing his duties became the target of another member who did not perform his duties. Due to the lack of doing assignments and targeting, this led to poor results of Lucas’ promotions and support projects.

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Because of this, many members were angry that the project was not carried out properly, thus demanding the election of a new management. The new management replaced the old management and allegedly joined the team for personal gain. They wanted to make a name for themselves rather than focus on Lucas’ projects and activities.

The new management had no interest in Lucas. One member who doesn’t like Lucas is in charge of Lucas Bar and will not give support to Lucas but will give support to their other favorite male celebrity. The former admin stated that when it comes time to promote Lucas, such as a birthday project, Lucas Bar will do the bare minimum while the smaller Chinese bars will do more. The loyal Lucas member of the Bar was eventually kicked out of the fan base by “disloyal management”.

The former admin stated that they used Lucas donated funds from members to buy promotions and to support their other favorite male celebrity and not Lucas. When fans realized this and demanded their money back, the management ignored them and tried to distract them in a different way. Another smaller Lucas Bar merged with the big Lucas Bar, but things got worse as more and more money was taken from fans with album purchases after the merger with no response after fans demanded their money back.

They stated that as soon as Lucas’ allegations and rumors were released, the closure of Lucas Bar immediately used it as a way out to repay money owed to its members, and even said that anti-Lucas management started the alleged rumors. caused controversy in Lucas, so it could make it big on social media. They could use that as an excuse to shut down the fanbase to get out of restitution while distorting and damaging Lucas’ image.