A Good Place Review: Sitcoms in Life’s Rich Afterlife Philosophy

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“The Good Place” is a popular Netflix Original sitcom in 2016. This series, created by Michael Schur, closed its seasons in 2020 and is still available on Netflix for a total of four seasons. In this episode, Kristen Bell, William Jackson Harper; Jameela Jamil D’Arcy Carden, Starring Manny Jacinto and Ted Danson.

The story opens with Eleanor Shellstrop entering the ‘Good Place’ after her death. We are a place in the afterlife that is often referred to as ‘heaven’. He is greeted by Michael, who refers to him as ‘the architect’ who created the Good Place. After meeting her lover, Chidi Anagonye, Eleanor reveals that she might end up in the wrong place considering her behavior throughout her life.

“The Good Place” received positive reviews from various media outlets and was nominated for 14 Primetime Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Finale for Season 3. About life outside of networks. For those interested in moral laws and dystopian settings; It’s not too late to start using “The Good Place”.

Good place

Learn about the philosophy and morals of life in the next life.
When humans end their lives, they can enter the Good Place or the ‘Bad Place’ for those who spend their lives doing bad things. Choosing not to mention ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’ in this series is a smart choice.

Whether the episode is wrong or not. right or wrong I don’t want to argue about human sin or charity. But there is only the principle between good and evil. In addition to not representing any religion, workers in life like Michael are nicknamed ‘architects’. Janet, more familiar as a ‘fairy’ in our world, is none other than an android with artificial intelligence as an assistant architect.

“The Good Place” contains messages about life in general. Finding the truth in life; questioning true moral standards; A variety of issues and support systems can affect a person’s moral level throughout their life.

This sitcom has a fair amount of philosophy and comedy. The show knows when it’s appropriate to deliver a joke that makes the audience laugh. When should you deliver dramatic scenes to have an emotional impact on the audience? “The Good Place” is a comedy series that can make the audience laugh and cry in the right circumstances.

A class of characters with interesting features and developments
As with most episodes, “The Good Place” also has a group of main characters with strong chemistry. Apart from Eleanor and Chidi, Jason and Tahani are the four human characters who live in a good place after their deaths. Eleanor is a clever young woman, Chidi is an overthinking moral philosophy professor, and Tahani is perfect inside and out; Then Jason is a character in this sequence. Like the best and most successful series in general, “The Good Place” presents lovable characters. Even with their flaws.

Every character has to influence the audience. There is also a strong personal story to understand as people. There is good in bad and good in bad. The same goes for the character of Michael, who is one of the good characters in this series. In the end, This series will show that every human being is not always white and not always black.

Each character has their own part to develop into a better character. And how did it get there? Eleanor wasn’t always clever and Darati wasn’t always perfect; Chidi isn’t always smart and Jason isn’t always stupid. There is also a lot of quotable dialogue in the individual character interactions. Witness the quality of the script, filled with meaningful quality and entertaining dialogues.


A non-recurring sitcom series; An ever-changing plot
Sitcoms are generally a setting where all the characters are struggling with the same situation and location. Like “The Office”, where the characters spend time in the office, or “Community”, which focuses on each character’s interactions with the campus environment. “The Good Place” is an excellent sitcom because of its exciting and dynamic plot.

After coming up with the biggest twist at the end of the first season; Michael SchurThe same pattern could be repeated in the next three seasons and we will have to watch. But every time he returns in the final season, Michael Schur always has a new plot. This makes the “good spot” even better until the end of the season.

Adventure Eleanor and her friends scale, Experience a change in settings and goals. But the essence is consistent and never deviates from the main line. Until finally, the story comes to a truly ‘final’ conclusion. As in life, In a “good place” there will always be new discoveries and understandings we gain about morality and the meaning of life.