A Fan Theory Explains the Origin of Devil Fruits in One Piece


In One Piece , many characters have strange powers that are obtained from eating a mysterious Devil Fruit. This unique fruit will give supernatural powers to anyone who eats it. However, those who eat this fruit will not be able to swim. Although, the potential power received is usually worth the sacrifice. Surprisingly, for more than 20 years, fans have not had much information about this Devil Fruit. Most of what is known about these Devil Fruits comes from the characters’ fairy tales or descriptions of how powerful certain types of Devil Fruits are. One Piece creator , Eiichiro Oda, also rarely provides information regarding this fruit.


In fact, why Devil Fruit eaters lose their swimming ability is not completely confirmed. Instead, it’s just an assumption based on an old legend. Of course, this caused many fans to speculate about the origin of this Devil Fruit.

One theory uploaded by a Reddit user named u/Anima4 indicates that the origin of this Devil Fruit may be related to medicine. The account, which sees Devil Fruits as plants, suggests that the reason almost all Devil Fruits have branches in such a way whenever they are seen or reincarnated is because they all come from trees in the world. With many trees in One Piece with interests, such as Adam’s Treasure Tree or Eve’s Sunshine Tree, this was quite possible.

From this, the account says that the One Piece doctor has special knowledge and links to the plant. This one is actually true—many of the doctors in the series are even named after the tree. As seen with Chopper, knowledge of plants and medicine can have an effect on Devil Fruits. He is able to upgrade his Zoan-type Devil Fruit to be able to grant it a wide variety of specialized forms and transformations, more so than any other Zoan user.

From here, this theory even explains how this medical knowledge could be responsible for how Marshal D Teach aka Blackbeard was able to have the power of two pieces. Blackbeard is always portrayed as someone who has a plan and also someone who wants to stay hidden until the time is right. With that in mind, his and his crew’s attack on the Drum Kingdom made little sense.


The doctors of the Drum Kingdom were famous throughout the Grand Line. According to CBR, so, it’s possible that they know more about Devil Fruits than originally thought. It is never explained why the doctors were famous. So, this theory seems surprising.

This theory opens the door to many possibilities. In addition, there is a possibility that they are related to Will D.

The account shows that they believe there is more to do between Will D and the doctors. Throughout One Piece, the doctor character has raised the Will of D. The most visible is Dr Kureha, who is also from the Drum Kingdom. In addition, every pirate captain with the initial D in their name also has a doctor, including Blackbeard, Roger and Luffy.

The account believes that when Blackbeard was recruited, Doc Q felt it was his destiny to be able to meet a D. It was to him that the doctor could reveal his medical secret. It was through their meeting as well as hidden information they might have stolen from the Drum Kingdom that allowed Blackbeard to steal the Gura Gura no Mi from Whitebeard. They believed this was something that only someone from the D clan could do.

Another thing that the Reddit account confirmed is that there is no plant-based Devil Fruit canon yet. They can also get health upgrades and improvements. Until someone presents this story, fans probably don’t need to take this idea seriously.

With very little confirmed information related to Devil Fruits, it’s not surprising that fans spend time searching for them. With One Piece eschewing Devil Fruits and focusing instead on Haki, it’s hard to know when the answer will come. However, it must be remembered that One Piecerarely introduces a concept without returning with a better explanation. Haki is one example.