A character who can control the rain


1. Sir August de Wynter (The Avengers)

In 1998 when the film The Avengers was released, maybe many people focused on the figure of John Steed who was the main protagonist of this film. But don’t forget the figure of Sir August de Wynter. He is an antagonistic character that is no less troublesome.

His intelligence in the field of science overwhelmed John. Moreover, the character played by Sean Connery is apparently very smart in controlling the weather.

Through his intelligence he can manipulate the weather according to his will. Well, if this character is real, his figure will be very necessary to be present at important events so that the weather at the event is always sunny.

2. Mary Embrey (Hancock)

Hancock is a superhero who is reckless and tends to cause trouble. His superhuman strength makes him sometimes wrong to control it. Hancock was once the husband of Mary Embrey, a woman who also has super powers.

Hancock and Mary separated and went on with their lives. Mary Embrey did have an advantage that not many people had. One of them is that he can manipulate the weather.

With her super powers, Mary can turn sunny weather into rain or vice versa. If only Mary’s character existed in the real world then her figure was really needed!

3. Destro (G I Joe)

This character appears in the film G I Joe. Destro is an indispensable person for the Cobra organization. He is responsible for supplying weapons for all Cobra needs.

The figure of Destro is known to be intelligent. He is able to make a machine to manipulate the weather. The machine can change the weather in a place.

Even worse, Destro’s machine can bring disaster to the place he wants to destroy. If only Destro was a good person, his findings would be very useful for mankind.

4. Thor (Thor)

Of the many superheroes in the Marvel universe, Thor is one of the most respected characters. With the hammer as the main weapon, Thor is able to crush all forms of evil.

Not only that, Thor is also known to have the power to manipulate the weather. As the God of Lightning, controlling the heavens was not so difficult for him. Even so, it is still a debate for many people whether this power he was born with or he got from Mjolnir.

This character comes from the X-Men universe. Coming from Cairo, Egypt, originally Storm, whose real name is Ororo, doesn’t know if he has this super ability. Until when the area he lived in faced drought, with his power Storm was able to bring rain.

This is what makes professor X attracted to bring him. Through its power Storm can regulate humidity, rainfall and temperature. What a useful ability for many people

6. Nami (One Piece)

In the anime world, there are also characters who can control the weather. One of them is Nami from the One Piece anime. With her trademark weapon called the Clima-Tach, Nami has the advantage of engineering the weather.

Initially this weapon was only used to perform tricks at a party. However, with the increasing power of Nami, Clima-Tech also has a wider range of functions.

With this tool Nami can summon or dispel clouds, control fog, lower lightning, create strong gusts of wind to manipulate rain. Perhaps the tool Rara has has the same function as Nami’s Clima-Tach wand

7. Hina (Weathering With You)

Finally, there is the Hina character in the Weathering With You anime. Hina is the main character in this anime. He has the power to manipulate the weather by praying. His prayers about the weather are always answered.

He managed to turn the rain into scorching heat or turn the storm into light. No wonder Hina is called the Sunshine Girl. Despite having super abilities, this can be dangerous if used carelessly. The reason is, Hina can make big water waves to terrible thunderstorms