A Boy Called Christmas Review: About Hope in Adversity on Christmas Day


Entering the second year of the pandemic, this year’s Christmas celebrations still have to be held with many restrictions and protocols that minimize the excitement we used to feel in public places and houses of worship with Christmas decorations.

We also have to face many obstacles to gather with extended family, some families may be mourning in the midst of this pandemic. That’s what a family goes through in the latest Netflix film, “A Boy Called Christmas.”

Three brothers who recently lost their mother decided not to celebrate Christmas this year. Hoping that her three nieces and nephews don’t lose heart on Christmas Eve, Ruth (Maggie Smith) begins to tell her a fairy tale about a Finnish boy named Nikolas (Henry Lawfull).

The Magic of Lively Christmas in the Midst of Adversity
“A Boy Called Christmas” is a classic Christmas-inspired children’s adventure film, opening with the presence of Maggie Smith (who is famous for ‘Harry Potter’), walking through a row of houses with lively Christmas decorations. The presence of this senior actor is guaranteed to immediately captivate us, especially the Potterheads.

Entering the world of fairy tales, we will be presented with a panoramic view of the Finnish forest in winter, covered by thick snow. Although the setting of the location was created through studio engineering with CGI, this film has a maximum production and is far from cheap. Can be juxtaposed with other children’s films such as “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” (2005) and the like. Animations of CGI creatures such as mice and deer that are friends of Nikolas have also been executed very well.

Not only the three brothers in the prologue who are grieving, Nikolas also experiences quite a lot of sadness in this story. We will enter in a fantasy world where Christmas Day (Christmas) has not been found.

The journey to hope and happiness was not easy for Nikolas and other parties in this story to achieve. Although there are quite a number of desperate moments and characters that look evil, in the end this film presents a variety of things that are positive and cause happiness for the younger segment of the audience.

The Adventures of Nikolas are Exciting, Emotional, and Provide Lessons for Perseverance
We will be transported back to the world of classic children’s fairy tales such as “Hansel and Gretel”, “Little Red Riding Hood”, and similar children’s short stories. This time we will follow the adventures of Nikolas with his mouse, Miika and a deer named Blitzen. Their mission is to follow Nikolas’ father and find Elfhelm, Nikolas believes to be a city of fairies full of happiness and hope.

There will be exciting action scenes to give you euphoria, accompanied by the typical music of an evocative Christmas adventure. Starting from the action of chasing to fighting with monsters. However, there are also emotional scenes that make one’s heart broken, executed properly, then greeted with a narrative that gives encouragement and courage.

More than just an adaptation of the origin story of the celebration of Christmas Day and the figure of Santa Claus, this film aims to use ‘Christmas Day’ as an idea of ​​​​happiness and hope. This year-end celebration itself is now more than just a religious celebration, each country adapts the warmth and nuance of its festival as a moment for a more universal agenda.

Fun Christmas Movies That Children and Adults Can Enjoy
“A Boy Called Christmas” is definitely a Christmas film with a children’s segment. The previous year itself, Netflix also released films such as “Klaus” to “Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey”. However, not infrequently children’s films have stories that are too simple, tend to be boring for us adult audiences.

This film, directed by Gil Kenan, has a series of plots that are quite fun and touching even for us adult audiences. We will also see many famous actors such as Kristen Wiig, Michiel Huisman, Sally Hawkins, Toby Jones, and Jim Broadbent.

Although in the end we can see where the story is going, each scene is still interesting to watch. The chronological story line, studded with monumental passages that are not boring, then wrapped in a quality Christmas nuanced production, “A Boy Called Christmas” we can also enjoy with the children in order to celebrate the year-end holiday season at home.