Morbius – The disappointments the movie left

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In addition to the effects, the film also left disappointments that Jared Leto and Matt Smith could not save.

Recently, Morbius – the movie that is expected to launch a new superhero universe for the Sony family has had the opportunity to debut. However, contrary to this expectation, the film only left a great disappointment for viewers. This is not a good sign for the future that Sony has drawn with the characters they have gathered such as Venom, Spider-Man, Vulture, Madame Web…and even Morbius.

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Every cinematic universe needs solid foundations to build on and expand on. Marvel and DC are two of the most successful and struggling examples of the importance of combining the opening film and the vision of the people behind. And now, Morbius , the movie that paved the way for some Spider-Man universe, is struggling to lay the groundwork that Sony needs. Objectively, Morbius isn’t too bad to watch, the problem is that it’s too mediocre for his role. If you have to compare it with another movie of the same genre, 2 Venom movies , Morbius is a bit inferior. And Venom doesn’t hold high standards for oranges.

Morbius ‘s weaknesses all go back to the two words “script“. Although it still has a head and a tail, Morbius ‘ script quite lackluster and rushed. Nowadays, it’s rare for a movie to squeeze content into just over an hour and a half. The rush is the most obvious thing in the movie. Coming and going like the wind, the movie can’t do much but cause frustration and confusion with a plot with many completely avoidable holes. Furthermore, Morbius missed many scoring opportunities.

Shallow script

A movie that’s a little over an hour and a half doesn’t matter, as long as its story is worth the time. This is quite difficult, so it is common for a film today to take up to 2 hours to convey a story full of information and emotional depth. The MCU’s Iron Man is also 2 hours long. It’s true that in a superhero movie, depth isn’t a word you can find, but a certain emotional depth that convinces viewers why they should care about the hero is still incredibly important.

Iron Man has a fairly regular script, but it has enough time and enough time to slowly build up the main character Tony Stark. They know where he comes from, how genius intelligence, how tragic, what personality. Starting from a fluffy billionaire, Tony has become a slightly better hero. Tony’s process from A to B is not only informative, but also forms effective emotional anchors. Along with seeing the armor being built, viewers also realize that Tony has more sides of his personality and has close relationships. More importantly, the details are connected and explained in a coherent and coherent way. But this did not happen to Morbius .

Morbius doesn’t need as much time as in the case of Eternals , but it still needs to be long enough to be able to pick out an aspect deep enough to convince viewers that the hero is unique and worth considering. The film has a relatively satisfactory opening when it provides a lot of information and introduces the pieces that will be important to the hero in the future, including a father figure, a close friend and a lover and rival. and purpose. But then the latter part of the film accelerates so abruptly that none of the aspects of the film’s initial presentation get as much attention as it should, causing the film to miss out on many opportunities to resonate with viewers.

Potentially wasteful relationship of the 2 main actors

The most regrettable thing about Morbius may be the relationship from soulmate to death enemy between the hero of the same name and the villain Milo/Lucian. Not only because both are played by two real actors, but their relationship is also a point that saves some part of Morbius .

An impressive hero needs an impressive villain and there’s nothing easier to do than the never-old formula of two friends going head-to-head. From the very beginning, the film has shown viewers how deep the bond between Michael (Jared Leto) and Milo (Matt Smith) is. Both were cornered by a blood disease with no cure. Milo treasured the letters Michael sent him when they were apart. And Michael decided to leave because of the promise to find a cure for both of their illnesses. But when the cure is the devil’s curse, Michael cannot bear to turn his friend into a monster like him, even if he has to leave Milo to the incurable disease. Here, Morbius ever since. This is a very memorable and evolving point, but in the end Morbius makes one realize that this story has many similarities with the relationship between Spider-Man and Harry Osborn in all the Spider -Man movies. has other preoccupations that ignore this.

It’s worth mentioning that Sony is capable of highlighting these types of storylines as they did in the Spiderman and Venom movies. The relationship between Milo and Michael is also because it is described too quickly, leading to irrationality. The fact that Milo turned against Michael happened so quickly that the viewers themselves were the best friends/brothers that they witnessed in the beginning?