9 Superheroes That Haven’t Appeared in the MCU, Any Films Ready to Release?


Throughout the film history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel has spawned many superheroes that were previously not very well known.

Call it Doctor Strange or Black Panther which Jaka believes is only known by hardcore Marvel fans. Because of the large stock of superheroes, you don’t have to worry that Marvel will run out of superheroes because there are still many superheroes who haven’t appeared in the MCU yet .

Apart from what Jaka mentioned above, there are many other Marvel superheroes who can be stronger than Captain Marvel but have never been included in the film series.

Well, some of them have even been confirmed to have their own movies after this. Who are they?

1. Adam Warlock
In the post-credits film Guardian of the Galaxy 2 , some assume that the person behind the chest is Adam Warlock , one of Marvel’s strongest superheroes.

In the comics, it was he who gathered many superheroes (even supervillains ) to help him defeat Thanos who managed to collect six Infinity Stones .

Well, we will be able to see his cool action in the Guardians of the Galaxy film which will be released on May 5, 2023. Wow, can’t wait, huh!

2. Beta Ray Bill
At first glance, you might think that Beta Ray Bill is more worthy of being a villain than a superhero.

An alien with a head like a horse is able to use the power of lightning like Thor, and can even use your Mjolnir !

He had time to fight with Thor because he needed the hammer to protect his people. Seeing that, Odin decided to create a new weapon called Stormbreaker .

Yes, the Stormbreaker Thor used to stab Thanos at the end of Avengers: Infinity Wars.

3. Moon Knight
This Marvel superhero is very similar to Batman . Originally Moon Knight had superpowers before losing that power.

It did not make him never give up and practice his fighting skills as his main weapon.

What’s a little scary about Moon Knight is that he suffers from dissociative identity disorder, aka has several personalities.

For those of you who are curious about it, just wait for the Moon Knight series which will air on Disney+ Hotstar starting on March 30, 2022, gang.

4. Ms. Marvel
He’s not the nephew of Captain Marvel. He is just a teenager of Pakistani descent named Kamala Khan who was hit by the Terrigen Mist bomb .

As a result of the explosion, he can change his body shape at will. Then, she took the name Ms Marvel because she really idolized Captain Marvel.

For information, Ms. Marvel is the first Muslim superhero in Marvel. What is the story about him like? Come on, wait for Ms. Marvel released!

5. Namor the Sub-Mariner
The Aquaman film from DC was quite able to attract public interest and received a fairly positive response from film critics.

Reflecting on this success, it is not impossible that Marvel will release its water hero film named Namor the Sub-Mariner .

He is a superhero with a human father and a daughter from the Atlantean kingdom .

What is its power? In addition to super energy, he is also able to breathe underwater and fly with the wings on his ankles.

However, because of his bad temper, many think that Namor is more suitable to be an anti-hero.

6. Nova
Nova is the superhero name of a man named Richard Rider who gets a helmet without any instructions.

Eventually he discovered that the helmet connected him to the Nova Force , giving him superhuman strength, flight abilities, and energy manipulation.

There are rumors that Nova will soon join the MCU with his solo film, which is not yet known when it will be released.

7. She-Hulk
The Hulk is a terrifying spooky creature with incredible power. Women who are PMS can also be scary than the Hulk.

So, if there was a female Hulk, how terrifying would it be? Maybe you should wait patiently for She-Hulk to appear in Marvel films.

Named Jennifer Walters , she was the one who received a blood transfusion from Bruce Banner, the Hulk. The transfusion allows Jennifer to turn into a female Hulk when she is emotional.

8. Spider-Woman
If you’ve watched the movie Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse , surely you know that there is a Spider-Gwen character .

Besides her, there is also the superhero Spider-Woman . A woman named Jessica Drew is famous for the radiation beam that contains spider DNA, giving her the power of the insect.

Spider-Woman can also produce pheromones that will make the men around her feel a crippling pleasure.

He once joined HYDRA before turning against him by joining SHIELD .