9 Facts about Jessi’s Latest Comeback with Single ‘ZOOM’

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The famous solo singer Jessi who is good at rapping and also a vocalist brings new news for fans.

This has been confirmed by the agency, P NATION, Jessi has also released several concept photos for her latest comeback . Let’s look at the facts below.

1. On April 5, 2022, P NATION’s agency released a mysterious poster which is Jessi’s comeback code
2. In her latest comeback, Jessi will release a digital single which will be titled ZOOM
3. The official “ZOOM” MV will be released on April 13, 2022 at 6 PM KST, along with the showcase
4. In some photo concepts that have been released, Jessi appears in various concepts ranging from cute to charismatic and fierce
5. Surprising fact, Jessi will be collaborating with dance group LACHICA on her latest comeback
6. Jessi revealed that this comeback will be different, where she will perform quite a lot of choreography compared to her previous comeback
7. Single “ZOOM” will be Jessi’s first song in 2022 after releasing 2 singles in 2021, namely “What Type Of X” and “Cold Blooded”
8. Jessi’s latest single “ZOOM” has a hip hop music genre and a mix of rap that makes the song even cooler
9. Having released the first and second MV teasers, Jessi has leaked cool songs and choreography. Come on, watch the video

Never absent from comeback every year, this time Jessi will be releasing a new single which of course with her trademark that always looks fierce. Good luck!