9 Easter Eggs and Interesting References Episode 2


1. The name tag “Steven” was removed as a symbol of the “release” of Steven’s personality

After “destroying” the museum due to being chased by the Jackal, Steven was finally fired from his place of work. You see, from CCTV, the Egyptian creature is not visible, only Steven is running.

Finally, Steven’s real figure at that time was Marc also appeared to the camera. This makes it increasingly believed to be the person responsible for the damage.

Well, the scene when Steven takes off his name tag when he is fired seems to symbolize the “release” of Steven’s personality. You see, unlike the first episode which was dominated by Steven Grant’s character, this second episode seems to be a “bridge” to begin to more clearly introduce Marc, the Moon Knight’s true identity. Finally, Steven’s figure has also been “trapped” and his body has been taken over by Marc.

2. Marc’s storage unit number 43 could be a reference from the comic Marc Spector: Moon Knight #43

After being fired, Steven intends to dig deeper into the mysterious objects he found in his apartment, including the keys to a storage unit. When he visited Marc’s storage unit, the number 43 was stamped on the door.

Not just any number, 43 can be a reference from the comic Marc Spector: Moon Knight #43 which focuses on the topic of doppelgangers. In this comic, Marc must fight the evil twins of a number of Marvel superheroes, such as Daredevil and Black Knight.

3. QR Code for Werewolf by Night #33

Like the previous episode, Marvel continues the tradition of distributing free e-comic via the Marvel Unlimited page via QR code. This time, the QR code on the door of the storage unit directs viewers to the comic Werewolf by Night #33, a continuation of the comic from the previous episode.

Apart from being the debut comic for the Moon Knight character, this easter egg is Marvel’s technique to introduce Werewolf by Night, which will be a special Disney+ series at this year’s Halloween.

4. Marc Spector’s passport showing he survived the blip by Thanos

While checking Marc’s belongings in the storage unit, Steven finds a number of weapons as well as passports. Well, the passport shows Marc’s data, including when Marc made the passport.

Apparently, the passport was issued on December 14, 2018 while the blip incident by Thanos also occurred in the same year. This means that Marc was not one of the victims who were “erased” as a result of Thanos snapping his fingers.

5. Marc Spector is from Chicago, just like in the comics

The passport also shows that Marc was born in Illinois. Although it has a number of differences, it turns out that the MCU version of Moon Knight still includes elements of Marc’s origin, which is exactly like in the comics.

Originally, Marc was born in Chicago, Illinois. His father was a rabbi who managed to escape the Nazis after Hitler invaded Czechoslovakia. All the trauma that Marc experienced made him suffer from dissociative identity disorder until he was taken to a mental hospital in Chicago by his father. It was there that Khonshu came to Marc and made him an “avatar“.

6. The character Layla is the MCU version of Marlene Alraune, Marc’s wife in the comics

The figure of Layla who keeps calling Steven and calling him “Marc” is finally revealed in the second episode. When picking up Steven on his motorbike, Layla mentions that she is Marc’s wife.

Actually, the character that May Calamawy plays is not in the comics. However, she could be the MCU version of Marlene Alraune who in the comics fell in love with Marc. Marlene also helped Marc as a Moon Knight and even had a child together.

7. Marc Spector’s file has the number 1975, the year Moon Knight debuted in the comics

The number 1975 is not just any number. You see, 1975 was the year the Werewolf by Night #32 comic was published which became the debut of the Moon Knight. Well, in the scene when Steven is arrested by the police who are members of the Harrow sect, the document also reads the number 1975.

8. A follower of Arthur Harrow who hails from the Yucatan

When Steven meets Arthur and is invited to eat at his place, Arthur briefly introduces a man named Victor who he says is from the Yucatan. In the comics, Arthur is not a cult leader, but a sadistic “crazy” scientist. He owns a secret laboratory and conducts experiments in Yucatan, Mexico to research how humans are immune from pain.

9. Advertisement of the Global Repatriation Council, a liaison organization for families separated due to the double-decker bus blip

Moon Knight is indeed a series that feels different from other MCU series. In addition to nuanced supernatural and mpresenting a more “dark” and “brutal” superhero figure, Moon Knight also doesn’t present many clues that direct directly into the main timeline of the MCU.

However, finally in this second episode there is the first easter egg that connects Moon Knight with the entire MCU. When Steven became Mr. Knight crashes into a double-decker bus while fighting the Jackal, it says “GRC: Reuniting you with your better half” on the bus.

GRC itself is a Global Repatriation Council which was first introduced through the series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. This organization is trying to reunite people who were victims of Thanos’ blip with their families.