What to watch on Netflix in April 2022 – A tray of movies of all kinds welcomes moviegoers

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Netflix this April, a popular teen drama returns, along with great series for movie lovers.

A new month has begun and we meet again as usual in this April’s Netflix feature list of the best movies to watch. Netflix this April as a dish of diverse dishes from horror, romance, disaster, action, sensationalism,  family drama, … will surely bring many emotions to the audience. A new month begins with new projects, new jobs, but don’t forget to open Netflix to watch your favorite movies!

first.Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood (2022) – 01.04

If you have a passion for conquering space, watching the Earth from above, Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood is a choice not to be missed this April. Set in the year 1969, in a rural suburb of Houston, the film follows the process of a boy Stan becoming the chosen person to set foot on the moon aboard the Apollo 11 spacecraft. What will happen next? , why was the boy chosen, will a 4th grader make a difference? All will be answered on April 1 at Netflix.

2.Battle: Freestyle (Season 1) – 01.04

Searching for a personal person, the explosion and rebellion of adolescence is one of the issues that are most concerned by young peopleBattle: Freestyle (Season 1) is a film that exploits this aspect very clearly, targeting the adolescent age with important thoughts and choices that determine life. The film tells the story of Amalie – a lovely girl and her dance team who were lucky to enter the final of a dance competition in France. The future is open, when the mother who has not been in contact for a long time appears and the passionate love of her boyfriend is burning, which distracts Amalie. In the end, where will Amalie go, what will she choose, passion or love? Enjoy the vibrant, fiery melodies with irresistible dance moves with Battle: Freestyle (Season 1) .
3.Captain Nova (2022) – 01.04

Captain Nova (2022) tells about the time travel of the girl Nova – a smart and brave fighter pilot. In 2050, before the threat of environmental pollution that makes the Earth arid and stands on the verge of being wiped out, Nova decided to go back in time to find a way to save the Earth from catastrophe. Unfortunately because of an incident, Nova returns to 2025, at this time she is only a 12-year-old girl. With the help of her young friends, she gradually implements her rescue plan. The film deals with many issues, of which environmental protection is the mospressing issue of today’s concern.

4. The Bubble (2022) – 01.04

A comedy film is also premiering this first day of April. The Bubble (2022) will take you to exciting experiences in a closed studio at a hotel, where blockbuster actors are quarantined because of the pandemic. Although the situation was not very good, everyone still tried to focus on creating the remaining footage of the movie about dinosaurs.

5.The Last Bus (Part 1) – 01.04

With 10 episodes telling the story of a group of young people on their way to school, they reluctantly become a hero when they witness evil robots killing people. With intelligence, cunning and courage, a small group of friends begin to plan the rescue of humanity. This Netflix teen movie promises to bring new experiences to the little ones, helping them have great entertainment moments after those stressful school hours!

6.Furioza (2022) – 06.04

The irony of life has arranged for three childhood friends who have been separated to meet again, but at this time their fate has changed. Everyone has their own life and falls between the wheel of money and power. Faced with difficult choices, will they choose which turn for their life? All will be revealed in the movie Furioza (2022) . The film will bring you breathtaking moments with thrilling, beautiful action scenes.

7. Michela Giraud: La verità, lo giuro! – 06.04

Michela Giraud: Truth, I swear! is a stand-up comedy film performed by Michela Giraud. What story will she bring this time? Surely there will be a lot of surprises behind this story. With her wit, intelligence and graceful speech, Michela Giraud promises to bring cheers to the audience.

8. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On (Part 1) – 06.04

Couples in the show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On also face love challenges before marriage. With a series of reality shows about couples’ love, it is expected to bring moments of romance and affection along with emotional challenges for them.