Facts about Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the 2022 Oscars


Chris Rock’s joke turned out to be related to Jada Pinkett Smith’s disease

This incident began when Chris Rock performed a monologue before announcing the winner of the nomination for “Best Feature Long Documentary”. In his monologue, Rock had made jokes to a number of Hollywood artists who were guests of this year’s event. One of them is Jada Pinkett Smith who is the wife of Will Smith.

Suddenly, Will Smith went up on stage and immediately slapped Rock pretty hard. Shortly after, Will Smith shouted at Rock saying, “Keep my wife’s name out of your f-king mouth.” Hearing those words, Rock finally stopped his joking monologue and continued to announce the winner of the nomination he was reading.

Initially, many thought Smith was unprofessional and could not accept jokes. However, the fact is that the reason Jada Pinkett Smith appeared bald in this year’s event was because she was suffering from alopecia or baldness, not of her own volition. Jada Pinkett Smith’s condition certainly doesn’t deserve to be a joke, so it’s no wonder Will Smith was angry and hit Chris Rock.

In a broadcast that took place on ABC station, the moment after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock instantly became silent. This happened because Smith’s shout to Rock contained a very harsh swear word.

The TV station managed to censor Smith’s words because it was reported that the moment at the crime scene took place seven seconds earlier than the broadcast that the audience saw on the screen.

However, in broadcasts that take place on a number of third-party services or TV stations outside the United States, the moment Smith swears can be heard clearly. One of them is broadcast through the Disney+ Hotstar platform which can be watched by the Indonesian people. However, the live broadcast on the service was interrupted shortly after Smith’s shout to Rock.

 Hollywood stars comfort Will Smith during commercial breaks

There was a commercial break after the announcement of the winners of the “Best Long Documentary Film” nominations. Through the video circulating, several Hollywood actors were seen calming Will Smith on the edge of the stage and hugging him. One such Hollywood actor is Tyler Perry and also Denzel Washington who based on Smith’s statement in his victory speech had given him advice.

In addition, there are also Hollywood artists who say that on stage they want to solve the problems of Will Smith and Chris Rock amicably.

That figure is Sean Combs alias P Diddy who had a monologue on the Oscar 2022 stage. Interestingly, Smith was seen responding to P Diddy’s words by laughing even though he had just hit Rock.

Will Smith accepts the award while saying sorry

After slapping Chris Rock, it wasn’t long before Will Smith returned to the stage to receive his first Oscar for “Best Actor”. Smith won the award for his role as Richard Williams in the biopic King Richard (2021). This victory is Smith’s first time after three Oscar nominations.

In his victory speech, Will Smith was seen crying about his struggles and achievements as an actor. In addition, Smith also had time to express his apology to the Academy Awards committee and all guests present. His apology is certainly related to his actions that slapped Chris Rock while the event was still ongoing.

Smith did not say anything about Rock in his speech. However, Smith had said, “Richard Williams was a great defender for his family. Art imitates life, I look like a crazy dad, as they say about Richard Williams.