8 Facts about Culling Game Jujutsu Kaisen, Game of Death?


The Culling Game is a life and death competition that is the main focus of the current Jujutsu Kaisen story, in which Yuji and his friends must become participants in order to stop Kenjaku’s heinous actions.

1. The Culling Game opens when the participants are awakened by Idle Transfiguration by Kenjaku

Culling Game itself was active after the end of the war in Shibuya.

At that time, Kenjaku, who managed to swallow Mahito, used the Idle Transfiguration technique to awaken the two kinds of people he had tagged, namely humans who had cursed objects and individuals with engraved curse techniques.

In the first case, this phenomenon would give rise to the emergence of magicians from the ancient era such as Ryu Ishiguro, Hajime Kashimo and Yorozu who had recently awakened in Tsumiki’s body.

While the second will be new wizards like Hiromi Higuruma and Fumihiko Takaba.

2. There are several colonies that will be the battle arena for the participants

In the Culling Game there are several colonies where the participants will fight.

Colonies in Culling Game itself are distinguished by city names such as Tokyo, Sendai and Sakurajima.

Well, the area that becomes a colony itself will be covered with a giant barrier that allows all participants or living things to enter if they want but won’t let them leave at will.

Usually, participants who enter will be teleported randomly as in the case of Megumi and Yuji who were separated even though they entered together.

Even though they are trapped in a barrier, the electrical system in the colony is still running normally so that the participants can still use existing facilities such as electronic equipment.

3. All types of participants will have Kogane without exception

To make it easier for participants to count points, the organizers of the Culling Game will give all participants a shikigami named Kogane.

This Shikigami himself can be asked about the details of the Culling Game rules or mention the points the participants have gotten so far. He is also tasked with confirming whether the new rules submitted by participants to the organizers are acceptable or not.

Only players can give orders to their own Kogane. The creature will refuse all orders from outsiders unless approved by the owner.

4. Candidates who have been appointed must declare to participate within 19 days

Still related to the first point, participants who are resurrected by Kenjaku must declare their participation after 19 days since the resurrection.

For example, if Tsumiki wakes up on October 31st, she must confirm that she will join the Culling Game before November 19th.

If they disobeyed, there would be a penalty called lifting the curse technique. Shoko himself theorized that the punishment would affect the player’s brain so that it could result in death.

This rule itself doesn’t affect other participants like Maki Zenin who doesn’t really have a curse technique from the start.

5. People who were originally in the colony before the start of the game are allowed to leave at one time

On the second point, we briefly discussed the barriers to a colony allowing people who want to join them to enter but won’t let them leave.

Well, if any of the residents were in the location from the start before the barrier was formed, they had a one-time chance to get out safely.

An example of this incident happened to one of Yuji’s upperclassmen, Sasaki. He experienced that event when he woke up in the Sendai colony. The girl chose to leave the colony guided by Kenjaku directly.

6. There is a terrible rule about earning points

To get points in the Culling Game, participants are known to have to end the history of other participants.

There are some differences in the number the player gets depending on which target they kill.

If a participant kills a non-magician, then the point is only one. But if the one killed is a witch or cursed spirit, then the points obtained are five.

If the points held do not change within nine days, the participant will face the lifting of the cursed technique and will definitely die.

But thanks to Yuji’s efforts to persuade Higuruma, now the participants can transfer points to each other without killing each other.

7. It is allowed to add to the rule if it has 100 points or more

There is one privilege that each participant can use if they manage to get at least 100 points.

Yup, that right is to add to the rules in accordance with the agreement with the organizers. If the points meet the quota, participants just need to contact their respective Kogane and submit a new rule.

If it is deemed suitable and does not conflict with the previous rules, Kogane will agree and announce the new rules to all participants.

8. Participants are allowed to withdraw if they successfully invite new players to the colony and spend 100 points earned

Initially, the Culling Game itself was designed to keep all its players from leaving before the competition ended.

However, Megumi managed to create loopholes by adding a rule in which participants may withdraw from the Culling Game if they fulfill two conditions, namely being able to invite new players to enter the colony and have 100 points before leaving.

If these two conditions are met, the participant can be completely free from the death game.

That’s an interesting fact about the Culling Game, a game of death that Kenjaku organizes for his own ambitions.