7 Short Anime Episodes You Can Finish During Your Homecoming Trip


After two years of the government stipulating the ban on going home, this year the ban has been lifted. For those of you who already miss your hometown, you can already meet friends and relatives to celebrate Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijriah.

Of course, it won’t be much different before the pandemic, the name going home is definitely synonymous with traffic jams. Not only snacks, you also have to prepare an exciting spectacle on your flagship gadget .

Well, anime is included in an exciting spectacle for traveling back and forth. Once you go home, you can really crush several anime titles with episodes that tend to be short. Here are anime recommendations with short episodes that you can watch in a marathon on your homecoming trip.

Anime short episodes for homecoming
1. Death Parade (12 Episode)

This anime was first released in 2015. Death Parade tells the story of Decim, a bartender at a cafe who is also an arbiter. Uniquely, he can determine the fate of someone who has died. He can allow those who have died to be reincarnated or release the dead to the void forever.

One day, Decim is met with Chiyuki who becomes his assistant. Ever since Chiyuki arrived, Decim had a hard time making absolute decisions for the fate of someone who had died.

Well, this Death Parade anime only has 12 episodes. One episode is only 25 minutes long. That means to finish this anime you only need 5 hours of watching non-stop.

2. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun

If you like anime romance stories, you should prepare this Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun anime series to watch when you go home for Eid later. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun tells the story of Chiyo who falls in love with Nozaki. Nozaki is a famous manga writer who is admired by Chiyo, when Chiyo is about to express her love for Nozaki a misunderstanding occurs.

Chiyo actually became Nozaki’s assistant in making manga. This funny and romantic story is suitable for you to watch at one time. Has 12 episodes. Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun is only 27 minutes long each episode

3. 91 Days

Full of tense action in each episode, you will be addicted to watching this anime. 91 Days is an action anime genre with a really good story. This anime tells the story of Angelo who seeks revenge for the death of his parents. After seven years of the tragic events that happened to his father and mother, Angelo is determined to find the killers.

This action-packed anime will make your homecoming trip so unforgettable. Has 12 episodes of 91, Days is 24 minutes long each episode. That means if you go home from Jakarta to Semarang by train, before your train arrives at Semarang station, you can finish this anime.

4. Nichijou

If your hometown is far enough and spent a fairly long journey. This Nichijou anime might be able to cheer you up during your trip. Nichijou in Japanese has a daily meaning. Even so, the story content of this anime is filled with absurdities .

Nichhijou ‘s story revolves around three high school students who are friends. One of them is a robot. Their friendship is ready to invite your laughter during the trip. In addition to the stories of the three friends, there are also stories about their teacher whose love always ran aground or the story of their principal whose hobby was wrestling with deer.

This anime has a total of 26 episodes with each episode lasting 24 minutes. It took about 10 hours to finish this hilarious anime.

5. Hyouka

For those of you who like detective anime with a myriad of mysteries to be solved. Anime Hyouka might be included in your watch list when going home for Lebaran because of the story that makes the audience bound.

Hyouka tells the story of four young people who solve several cases. Hyouka’s storyline takes the point of view of the main protagonist named Oreki.

This anime has a total of 22 episodes. Each episode has a length of 22 minutes. A total of 22 episodes of this anime will make your homecoming trip so unforgettable.

6. Toradora!

Another romantic comedy anime that can be a companion for your homecoming trip: Toradora!. This anime has 25 episodes with a duration of 24 minutes each.

Tells the story of two characters who have a hard nature but love each other. The two of them were Ruuyji who had a stern face and Taiga who was petite. The process of them meeting and falling in love with each other will make you smile along the way home.

7. Another

Comedy, mystery to romantic genres have been included in this list . Do you think KINCIR has prepared a horror genre?

Titled Another, this anime has a gripping storyline but makes the audience addicted. Tells the story of Kouichi a transfer student who meets his mysterious classmate Mei. The treatment of other students who did not respond to Mei’s presence made Kouichi become more familiar with Mei.

Mei’s cold attitude turned out to lead to a dark secret in the class they were in. Curious? Another only has 12 episodes. Each episode only has a duration of 24 minutes