7 Recommendations for Animated Movies Only Adults Can Watch


Animated films are considered to be a type of spectacle that is very close to the age of children. This is because the animation format is generally related to the cartoon series that usually airs on a TV station and is watched by small children.

However, not all animated films can be watched by small children. Because, there are some animated films that carry the theme of a very mature story and also show various scenes with vulgar and erotic nuances. Hence, the audience of a number of animated films must be adults, not children.

Curious what are the recommendations for adult animated films? Just take a look at this discussion!

Recommended erotic adult animated films
1 . Fritz the Cat (1972)
Fritz the Cat is a film adaptation of the comic book of the same name by Robert Crumb. This film tells the college life of a cat named Fritz. In the film, Fritz has a very mischievous personality because he likes to cheat and is also fond of having sexual relations with other characters. Fritz’s story is also a satire on the life of a very naughty American teenager.

Due to the theme and personality of Fritz in the film, we can see various erotic scenes that take place in a vulgar manner without the slightest censorship. This is because Fritz the Cat gets an ‘X’ rating by the United States censorship agency which is equivalent to a rating for pornographic films. In fact, Fritz the Cat became the first American animated film to get that rating.

2. Team America: World Police (2004)
Team America: World Police is an animated action-comedy film that tells the story of a group of actors in saving the world from the threat of terrorists. However, in this film we can still see various adult scenes that are very vulgar. One of them is the sensual moment of the lovebirds trying various positions for sex in bed.

The number of sex scenes in Team America: World Police had made this film almost get a rating equivalent to pornographic films. However, the production team then tried hard to cut some scenes in order to get an “R” rating or for an adult audience, but not too sensual. After undergoing nine editing processes, the film was finally awarded an “R” rating by the censors.

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3. Snow White: The Sequel (2007)
Curious how the continuation of the story of Snow White after coming back to life after kissing Prince Charming? If so, Snow White: The Sequel is suitable as an animated film recommendation for you to watch on the weekend. You see, this animated film tells the “happy” life of Snow White in a fairy tale with Prince Charming after being freed from the threat of the Evil Queen.

However, you need to know that Snow White: The Sequel is not an official sequel from Disney, but a parody produced by an animation studio in France. So, it’s not surprising that this one film is very far from the child-friendly impression that has been attached to Disney. Moreover, the figure of Snow White in this film seems to have a personality that is very fond of having sexual relations.

4. $9.99 (2008)
$9.99 is an animated film from Australia that carries the concept of stop-motion . Broadly speaking, this film actually has a slice of life genre . Because, the story focuses on the journey of an unemployed man in search of the true meaning of life. He also found an ad that said it could give him the meaning of life for 9.99 dollars.

In his journey of searching for the meaning of life, we can also see the sexual moments of the man who has sex with a number of women. The body parts of the characters in the scene are clearly visible without any censorship at all. However, despite the sexual themes in this film, $9.99 managed to get a nomination for “Best Animated Film” at the Annie Awards.

5. Anomalies (2015)
This animated film won a nomination as “Best Animated Feature Film” at the Oscars as well as various trophies in a number of other award shows. You see, critics really like the story of the film Anomalis which is simple, but unique. The story focuses on a man with a disability. He saw that everyone had the same look and voice, except for one woman he had just met.

Apart from its unique story, Anomalisa still has many sensual scenes. Moreover, when the man has met the woman, we will be able to see various sex scenes from both of them. Not only that, Anomalisa also has a scene that shows a moment of masturbation from one of its characters, so this film is not suitable as a film recommendation for children.

6. Sexy Laundry (2016)
Based on the title alone, you can already guess that this animated film has a sensual theme. Yep, in fact Sexy Laundry is an animated film specifically for adult audiences because it has many erotic scenes and story themes that are more suitable for married people. Because, this film tells the story of a husband and wife who have started to feel bored after being married for 25 years.

They then try to get rid of the boredom by doing various sexual experiments so that their marriage relationship can be harmonious again. As a result, throughout this film we will be able to see the sexual moments of the husband and wife in order to make their married life interesting again.

7. Sausage Party (2016)
Can you imagine what would happen if the food we usually eat every day could talk and move like humans in general? Well , your curiosity will be answered if you watch the film Sausage Party which tells the life of the food. In fact, in this film a number of these foods can also have sexual intercourse, you know!