7 of the most petty characters in the Naruto series


Naruto is a series that has many great characters. Even though the original series has ended, fans still adore the characters and stories of this series. Moreover, the character inNarutois one that is quite well written.

InNaruto, there are many good-natured characters who still leave a deep impression in the hearts of fans. One of them is Naruto Uzumaki. He is a really good character, has a strong will and doesn’t shy away from helping others.

Other characters can be described as very evil characters. Orochimaru, for example. Meanwhile, there are also characters who have a petty side and can’t let little things go by. Who are they? QuotesGame Rant, here’s the review!

7 Series. Deidara

Of all the members of Akatsuki, Deidara is definitely the most cunning of them. When he was recruited, he continued to hold a grudge against Itachi Uchiha who was better than him. He spent a lot of time trying to perfect his “art” and be better than other people who thought of themselves as artists. Deidara was also petty enough to lash out at Itachi over Sasuke when they met.

6. Sasuke Uchiha

ust like Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke is a person with many good qualities such as loyalty and unwavering love. What defines his character is his role as protector. But, in the past, Sasuke was very petty. Sasuke always wanted to beat Naruto. At the same time, he never acknowledged Naruto’s efforts because he didn’t want to admit that Naruto was equal or better than him. When Naruto and Sasuke fight on the rooftop of Konoha’s hospital, Sasuke realizes that Naruto is superior and that makes him even more annoyed with Naruto.

5. Madara Uchiha

There are a number of members of the Uchiha clan who are known to be petty in the Naruto series . Madara is definitely one of them. When he lost, he for no reason became cruel to Hashirama Senju. In fact, when they put their hands together, Madara forbade Mu and Onoki to mention Hashirama’s name if he was there. When Hashirama was appointed Hokage, Madara failed to see the bigger picture and, on a number of levels, wanted power for himself. This was enough for him to antagonize his friend.

4. Danzo Shimura

Danzo is definitely one of the most hated characters in the Naruto series . His actions have been hated for years. Danzo is also very petty. In his quest to become a better Hiruzen Sarutobi, he goes to extremes. In his mind, he always protects Konoha. However, he manipulates people for his own benefit and feels more important than Hiruzen. Moreover, Danzo stole Shisui’s Sharingan and prevented him from stopping the Uchiha coup because that would take authority from him and make him feel less special.

3. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju is a character who has both good and bad sides. Although he did great things for Konoha, such as founding the Academy, introducing the Chnin Exams, and creating the ANBU, he also had a few bad qualities. Perhaps the greatest is his pettiness. Tobirama could never let go of the past and never wanted to trust the Uchiha because they were once his enemies. Even when they lived in harmony, he tried his best to boycott them and remove them from power because they had the Sharingan. He was too petty to hold a grudge against them, even when Hashirama begged him not to.

2. Indra Otsutsuki

Indra is the eldest son of Hagoromo Otsutsuki. Like Sasuke, Indra is quite friendly and likable at first. But, because of hatred, he became an unwelcome character. Indra always wanted to be a superior son. He cared about trivial things until he was ready to kill his sister for it. When Hagoromo announced Asura as his successor, Indra decided to attack the two because he felt he knew more and could not let go. Small decisions that continue to haunt him until he decides to incarnate continuously until he kills his sister.

1. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya is the most cunning character in the Naruto world. After he eats the Chakra Fruits on earth, it is believed that his mind becomes corrupted and he wants all that power for himself. When she had two children, Hagoromo and Hamura, Kaguya hated the fact that her chakra was in them. At one point, he waged war on them and all those with chakra. This is because, according to him, chakra belongs only to him. He could potentially destroy an entire planet just to reclaim a sliver of chakra from his own son.