7 of Jason Statham’s Most Exciting Movies to Watch


Action movie fans can no longer avoid the cool action of Jason Statham . This actor and former athlete who used to be registered as a member of the England national team has lots of exciting movies that you must watch!

With acting and a myriad of skills in acting in front of the camera, Jason Statham has succeeded in anesthetizing action movie connoisseurs . Here is a collection of the best Jason Statham movies that can get your adrenaline pumping.

The most fun Jason Statham movies to watch

1. Bank Jobs (2008)

Despite the similar name, this movie should not be confused with the movie ” The Italian Job ,” where Statham also appeared with an epic performance. ” The Bank Job ” tells the story of the famous and true story of a London bank break in 1971.

Statham’s character Terry Leather looted millions of pounds. Not only that, among the stolen goods there is a fatal recording that endangers state security.

This movie raises the story of a gang of gangsters that slowly but surely develops into an interesting thriller .

When Statham clashed with the British monarchy and a domestic secret service called MI5, Jason Statham put on a convincing performance and proved that he is undoubtedly a formidable actor.

2. Snatch (2000)

The British comedy Snatch is often seen as a less-than-interesting sequel. In fact, Jason’s presence is the main attraction.

Director Guy Ritchie narrates several plots at the same time and brings them together at the end. Statham plays petty Turkish villain in Snatch , who gets repeatedly into trouble by his naive partner, Tommy.

As a result, he falls into the grasp of a dreaded gang boss and unknowingly becomes part of a diamond heist.

In his first leading role, Statham convinced audiences with the movie’s sharp humor and dialogue. His performance in this movie is no less than that of famous actors who also competed in Snatch such as Benicio del Toro or Brad Pitt.

3. The Italian Job (2003)

The battles known from the Statham movies move into the background and the unexpected plot twists in this third of the movie are guaranteed to captivate you as an action movie connoisseur.

The cast who enlivened Statham’s appearance in this movie, including Wahlberg, Norton, Sutherland and Theron, continued to provide entertainment with distinctive quotes. The movie experience is rounded off by innovative and clever and thrilling action sequences such as chasing cars and blowing up streets beneath subway tunnels.

4. Transporters (2002)

The movie features Jason Statham as former elite soldier Frank Martin and sets along the Cte ​​d’Azur.

In his role, Statham performs his acting quite calmly. When he breaks one of the three rules he’s made himself, many problems arise. The plot of the movie is completed through fights, shootings, and car chases. As a fan of action, of course you have to watch this movie.

5. Crank (2006)

Actually, the plot of ” Crank ” from 2006 is absurd. In revenge for the assassination of a Chinese triad boss, hitman Chev Chelios (Jason Statham) is poisoned by one of his opponents. There is only one thing that can keep him alive and that is high adrenaline.

As viewers, Crank barely gives us time to breathe because it contains full action .

6. Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (1998)

A big fan of Jason Statham will know this movie. After all, this is his acting debut and the first work of the famous British director Guy Ritchie.

A mix of gangster movies and comedy as if telling the story of four petty criminals who want to pay off their debts with the gang boss by attacking their rivals . This leads to a tale of adventure and violence with comical characters that can hardly be uttered in a few sentences.

7. Final Call (2004)

This action thriller from the US, which aired in 2004, has a rather complicated plot. This movie tells the story of Jason and the ruthless leader of a group of corrupt police officers, Statham shines quite brightly in acting alongside other Hollywood greats such as Kim Basinger and William H. Macy, as well as the young Chris Evans.

There are many conflicts in this movie. The only line of communication between the two was via a poorly repaired telephone, which should not be disconnected under any circumstances.

That ‘s the most exciting Jason Statham movie to watch. Of all the movies above, which movies have you seen or want to watch? Always check KINCIR for the latest news about movies, series, and anime.