7 Mugiwara Pirates Moments Are Not Compact in One Piece


The Straw Hat Pirates or Mugiwara Crew in One Piece are known to be very close to each other. They are like a family that protects its members. But, not infrequently, the pirate crew led by Monkey D Luffy is not compact. As a result, they too suffered defeat.

Mugiwara is from East Blue. This pirate crew has also become a major threat to the World Government. All the time, these pirate members depended on the great power they had. But, their greatest asset is teamwork.

The Straw Hats can work together flawlessly. This crew is also united by bonds of friendship. However, there was a time when they failed to cooperate. As a result, not infrequently they are easily defeated. When did they not get along? Here’s the review!

7. When Nami went to her village

Nami is the second person to join Luffy after Roronoa Zoro. When the pirate crew got into a battle with the Krieg Pirates while looking for a chef in the Baratie, Nami used the opportunity to steal the ship and head to Cocoyashi village. His departure put the crew in danger with them having to be split up.

Zoro is tasked with bringing Nami home, while Luffy and Sanji stay high to help the chefs fight the Krieg Pirates. If Nami hadn’t gone, the fight would have been easier. Finally everyone went to his village. After hearing Nami asking for help, they decided to fight Arlong and his men without a second thought.

6. When Luffy fought Zoro at Whiskey Peak

Luffy clearly believes in his men. At Arlong Park, Luffy refuses to believe that Nami really wants to leave. He also chased Robin to the ends of the world because he knew that Robin was only pretending. Surprisingly, Luffy didn’t believe Zoro at all when he decided to attack the bounty hunters who wanted to kill them in their sleep. Thinking Zoro killed innocent people, Luffy fought him seriously. Luckily, Nami stopped the fight between the two.

5. When Nico Robin left the crew at Water Seven

The Straw Hat Pirates went to Water Seven to repair Merry and recruit a shipwright. Little do they know that the new crew, Nico Robin, is being hunted by CP-9, the World Government’s intelligence agency. Robin suddenly disappeared. He left the crew in a state of chaos. His attack on Iceberg makes them the target of the town’s wrath and the crew is divided whether to believe in Robin or not. Apparently, Robin did that to save the Straw Hats. He surrendered himself to the government. Luffy and his crew knocked on several doors of Enies Lobby, the World Government’s judicial lair, and rescued it.

4. When Usopp fought Luffy because of the Going Merry

Merry was the first ship of the Mugiwara Pirates. This ship is Kaya’s gift. The ship had taken them on many adventures. Unfortunately, due to the lack of shippers, the journey across the waters of the Grand Line made him unable to sail anymore. Refusing to face reality and burdened by the fact that he is weak, Usopp decides to leave the crew and fight Luffy. Usopp lost and was given control of the dying ship. Although he still helped them to Enies Lobby, he later apologized to Luffy and returned to the pirates.

3. When they broke up at the Sabaody Archipelago

After leaving Thriller Bark, Mugiwara plans to go to Fishman Island. They then arrived at the Sabaody Archipelago where they witnessed the horrors of the Celestial Dragon. They also find themselves in danger after Luffy hits one of them. Admiral Kizaru came with Pacifistas Sentomaru. Even if they did their best, they were clearly not strong enough. Realizing this, the crew panicked and split up. They were then swept away by Bartholomew Kuma.

2. When Sanji beat up Luffy

Sanji’s past caught him on Zou. This causes him to leave the crew and face his family. After being threatened, Sanji realized that he was not in a position to reject them. When Luffy picked him up, Sanji decided to beat up his captain. Luffy knew that Sanji was being forced and didn’t fight him. But, Sanji still hurt Luffy to keep him away from Big Mom’s threat. After that, Sanji faced bitterness. The only person who came to his aid was Luffy.

1. When Luffy didn’t follow the plan to defeat Kaido

Luffy has never been the one to follow a well-thought-out plan. Wano’s story arc reinforces that. Moments after being informed of the plan to attack Kaido during the Fire Festival, Luffy decides to attack the Beast Pirate leader after realizing that his men and Tama are the targets. While the others were busy following Akazaya’s plan, Luffy ignored him and fought Kaido. The Yonko easily defeated Luffy and threw him into Udon prison.