7 Most Dangerous Scientist Characters in the Anime Universe


Mad scientist is already a terrible concept. With all the terror that includes resurrecting people by electrocution, biological weapons, and all sorts of body horror, it already looks horrific. Anime has a number of dangerous scientists and some are good. Even so, the most interesting are the dangerous and evil scientists. They are clearly immoral and lacking in morals or ethics. Almost all of these characters are antagonists and villains in their anime world. These characters can evoke a level of sympathy in the audience. Some with simple dangerous scientist tropes, but there are also more complex characters with their settings and story arcs. Quoting Game Rant , here are the most dangerous scientists in the anime universe.

7. Souichi Tomoe — Sailor Moon S

Perhaps he is one of the more sympathetic ones in the gang of dangerous scientists in the anime. Tomoe initially looks like a dedicated professor who is loyal to his daughter and the memory of Keiko’s late mother. However, he has a more sinister side that dominates most of the plot of this series. Tomoe wasn’t her real self. The evil Germatoid possessed his body, which means the symbol often depicted on the right lens of Tomoe’s glasses, influencing him to lead Death Slayer and work alongside Mistress 9. When Germatoid left him to fight the Sailor Senshi, he was free from evil influences.

6. Medusa Gorgon — Soul Eater

Medusa was originally an ally of the good guys in the series. She was a good doctor who also worked as a nurse at the Death Weapon Meister Academy. It is finally revealed that this is all part of a grand evil plan to make his son the ideal assassin. Medusa’s treatment of Cronas is probably one of the worst things about her, although the series does suggest that she sometimes feels guilty. His experiments didn’t just include those in the more scientific stream, such as replacing his son’s blood with Black Blood. But, he also isolated her for days when she refused to kill a defenseless little animal.

5. Gendo Ikari — Neon Genesis Evangelion

Gendo has a number of interesting titles that reveal his achievements. He is dubbed the worst dad and weirdest boss along with one of anime’s most dangerous scientists. He’s not the only candidate for that title in the series. Ritsuko Akagi and her mother, Naoko Akagi, also have a chance.

The Human Instrumentality Project is a global experiment that uses the entire population of the earth as its dutch rats. This was Gendo’s idea and final design. His obsession with this plan for humanity led to much death and destruction. The plot tries to spark sympathy for him based on his feelings for his wife. But, it’s hard to see him as anything other than a real villain. 4. Shou Tucker — Fullmetal Alchemist

Shou wasn’t a very good scientist or at least that was what he believed. When Edward and Alphonse first met him, he was an alchemist struggling in this competitive profession. She is trying to survive and take care of her daughter at the same time. The longer the two brothers lived in Tucker’s neighborhood, the worse things seemed to be. Everything finally comes to light when they find out that Tucker is trying to get animals to talk by uniting his daughter with their family dog. That being said, what follows is one of the most surreal and horrific scenes and it is not due to any emotional influence.

3. Caesar Clown — One Piece

One of the less funny breeds, Caesar Clown is more of a scientist than a clown. He appears as the main antagonist in the Punk Hazard Arc. This was the Straw Hats’ first time visiting the New World and the dangerous villains were an interesting way to welcome them. Caesar’s ghost-like form related to his Devil Fruit abilities. So, when this power is turned off, he appears in a more recognizable humanoid form. His evil plans include blowing up innocent people and dragging children away. So they obeyed his orders and could not escape.

2. Doctor — Hellsing Ultimate

This character was never named after his nickname. It seemed, as long as Major and the Millennial army were with him, they didn’t need anything else. The doctor is a satire of all the dangerous scientists in literary history, including the 10-lens glasses and the blood-stained lab coat. The doctor is the character in charge of finding a way to artificially create vampires. This resulted in an undying supply of soldiers for the Major’s army. There is also a theory that he developed and built Major’s cyborg and android bodies, so that he no longer ages.

Everything and everyone is not a subject to be studied, according to the intelligent but cruel Mayuri. He is ruthless when it comes to his experimental subjects and crushes his foes. He often combines the two in cold power and calculated destruction.

There is a unique peculiarity that this scientist has in his sense that he seeks knowledge but hates the concept of perfection. The attainment of perfection would mean no more experimentation and nothing that would mean more to this dangerous scientist. Mayuri turns her minions into live bombs without their knowledge only to confront the two Shinigami agents and use them as test objects.