7 moments that marked the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II


The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was seen by millions of people around the world and without a doubt, it was the topic that took the agenda last week.

This Monday her subjects, family and admirers around the globe gave her their last goodbye, at a strict state funeral, after which she was buried next to her husband, Prince Philip.

With so many eyes on the ceremony, few things went unnoticed. In fact, in fact, each gesture was analyzed by the press and social networks.

These are some of the most striking.

1. The spider in the coffin
In social networks, much was said about the presence of a spider on a card deposited in the coffin of Elizabeth II, during the religious ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

The arachnid (not “the insect”, as published by various media) probably came from among the flowers that adorned the coffin and was clearly seen during the official BBC broadcast.

2. The advice of the princess
Charlotte is seven years old and George is nine, they are the children of William and Kate Middleton, the new Princes of Wales, and the next in line to the throne.

All their lives they have been subject to strict royal protocol, a subject that Charlotte seems to be better at than the young prince.

Before the procession to Windsor Castle began, the princess warned her older brother that “when the car leaves, you must bow” , in honor of the Queen.

It is not the first time that Charlotte corrects or instructs her siblings, although the one who should have listened to her the most is 4-year-old Louis. However, the princess herself broke protocol by bursting into tears after the funeral of her great-grandmother.

3. Dogs, watch out
Not a few spectators noticed the presence of two of Queen Elizabeth II’s famous corgis, who were present during the ceremony thanks to two employees.

Muick and Sandy were the favorite dogs and most appreciated by the late monarch, so they were able to locate themselves in a privileged place to witness the passage of their owner’s coffin.

Emma, ​​one of Elizabeth II’s favorite horses, was also seen near Windsor Castle. It is not clear if the presence of the pets was a special instruction left by the monarch.

Prince Andrew and two assistants who control Elizabeth II’s corgis.

4. Meghan and Kate’s tributes
Both Meghan Markle and Princess Kate wanted to honor the Queen through their outfit.

Meghan arrived at the ceremony wearing earrings that were given by Elizabeth II herself at her wedding.

Meanwhile, Kate wore a necklace from the Crown Jewels, previously worn by Princess Diana and the monarch.

5. Together after two years
In Spain there were looks at the funeral ceremony, by the way, but also at the fact that Felipe VI and his father, Juan Carlos I, were together for the first time in public since the latter decided to establish his residence in the United Arab Emirates, in the midst of judicial investigations.

Juan Carlos is even facing a lawsuit in England filed by his ex-lover Corinna Zu Sayn-Wittgengstein. In case anyone had any doubts, the Spanish Government stressed that only Felipe VI represents the country in these ceremonies.

6. Harry’s smile at his niece
After the beginning of the complex relationship between Harry and William, many believed that the Duke of Sussex also moved away from his nephews, with whom he had a close relationship.

As could be seen at the ceremony, the prince still has a connection with the royal children and in fact was caught giving a complicit smile to seven-year-old Charlotte, who could not hide her grief over the death of Elizabeth II.

7. Harry relieved
There is no doubt that since the Queen died, the royal family has not been able to rest. One of the most exhausted was Prince Harry.

And it is that not only did he have to face the death of his grandmother, who was a pillar after the death of his mother, but he also had to be attentive to an infinity of questions and criticism.

Harry, who stepped aside as a member of the Royal Family, had to agree not to wear his military uniform, listen to the rumors and theories about his wife, Meghan Markle, and countless criticisms.

Therefore, it is not unusual that after finishing the Funeral of Elizabeth II and getting into a vehicle with Meghan, where he breathed a great sigh of relief.