7 Manchester United Players Who Have Low Pressing Opponents: Ronaldo Is Not The Lazy One!


Manchester United this season have had quite a serious problem in their defense. The Red Devils are a team that is prone to conceding goals.

The Red Devils until the 13th week of the EPL conceded 22 goals. The Red Devils have so far only won two clean sheets in the EPL event.

One of the causes of conceding MU is MU defense coordination is not good. The Red Devils should have done tight pressing, but it turned out that many MU players were neglecting this task.

The name Cristiano Ronaldo is often referred to as the MU player who is the most lazy to help defense. He is claimed to be lazy to press down opponents when attacked.

However, The Athletic recently launched the seven Manchester United players who are the laziest to press. It turns out that Cristiano Ronaldo is not the laziest to press.

So which MU player is the laziest to press ? Check out the description below.

Aaron Wan-Bissaka
In seventh place, the Manchester United player who is the most lazy to press is Aaron Wan-Bissaka. The defender was quite lazy to press.

He averaged 10.8 presses per game. This number is relatively low for a winger.

However, Wan-Bissaka’s minus note was covered because of his tackling ability. He is diligent in releasing tackles that are quite difficult for the movement of the opponent’s attacker.

Mason Greenwood
In the ranking of six MU players who are the most lazy to press is Mason Greenwood. This young Manchester United striker turned out to be quite rarely pressing towards the opposing team.

He was recorded only doing an average of 10 pressing times per game. Even though Solskjaer used to want Manchester United to press from their attack line.

Luke Shaw
In the ranking of five Manchester United players who are the most lazy to press is Luke Shaw. The defender recorded only 9.7 pressings per game.

Last season, Shaw was indeed a top player in the MU squad. But if you look at this season, Shaw’s performance has decreased quite dramatically.

His contribution when attacking is minimal. He also finds it difficult to stem the movement of the opposing attackers.

Raphael Varane
In fourth place, the United player who is the most lazy to press is Raphael Varane. The new Manchester United defender only made 7.3 pressings per game.

This figure is actually understandable, because Varane is still adapting to the Premier League. He is also still building chemistry with his tandem so he cannot freely press.

Harry Maguire
In third place, the United player who is the most lazy to press is Harry Maguire. The Manchester United captain only did 5.2 pressings per game.

This figure is enough to justify why many MU fans are upset with the defender. Because he was lazy to press, where new MU players like Varane did more pressing than him.

Cristiano Ronaldo
In the second place, the player who is the most lazy to press is Cristiano Ronaldo. He actually has the same number of pressings as Harry Maguire, which is 5.2 pressings per game.

Well, the only justification for Ronaldo’s laziness in pressing is because of his age. At the age of 36, Ronaldo’s stamina is not as good as it used to be, so he focuses his energy on attacking.

Victor Lindelof
You must be wondering which MU player is the laziest to press. The answer is Victor Lindelof.

The Swedish national team defender recorded 4.5 pressings per 90 minutes. This figure is quite low for a central defender.

Although it is important to remember, a defender can not carelessly press. They also have to maintain their position in defense so that there is no space for the opponent to take advantage of.