7 Korean Dramas That Present Office Romance


1. She Was Pretty

Through the drama She Was Pretty, Park Seo-joon competed acting with Hwang Jung-eum who is known as the “Romcom Queen”. This drama tells the story of Kim Hye-jin (Hwang Jung-eum) who used to be the son of a rich man, but his family’s company went bankrupt. Not only losing money, Hye-jin also feels that she has lost the beauty she used to have as a child.

As a child, Hye-jin had a best friend named Ji Sung-joon (Park Seo-joon) who was not confident because of his unattractive face. However, Sung-joon instead grows into a handsome and arrogant man who successfully works as editor-in-chief at The Most magazine. As a child, Sung-joon and Hye-jin had promised to meet again when they grew up.

Hye-jin who feels not beautiful finally asks Ha-ri (Go Joon-hee), to replace her when she will meet Sung-joon. Problems occur when Hye-jin works as a junior editor at The Most magazine. Sung-joon acts arbitrarily towards Hye-jin without knowing that the girl turns out to be the one who used to protect him when he was little.

2. Where Stars Land

Yeo-rum meets Lee Soo-yeon (Lee Je-hoon), her senior on the team. The two then start a romantic relationship, but Soo-yeon keeps a secret that is also related to Yeo-rum.

This drama has a unique concept because it shows us the working life of a number of airport officers, which rarely becomes the theme of films or series. However, the main attraction in this drakor remains in Chae Soo-bin’s slick chemistry with Lee Je-hoon who won the “Best Couple” award at the SBS Drama Awards.

3. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim may be one of the most popular office romance dramas. The reason is, this webtoon adaptation drama involves two well-known Korean artists as the main actors, namely Park Seo-joon and also Park Min-young. Moreover, this series also has a kiss scene that is quite “hot” which is still the most watched drakor kiss scene on the YouTube service.

This drama tells the story of Lee Young-joon (Seo-joon), the vice chairman of a large company who is famous for his narcissistic nature. However, one day, Young-joon experienced anxiety when Kim Mi-so (Min-young) who was his secretary for 9 years wanted to quit. Young-joon then uses various methods to persuade Mi-so, but this only makes them fall in love.

4. Start-up

In 2020, Start-Up managed to become one of the most talked about Korean dramas on social media. Because, there is a debate between who is suitable to be a companion for Seo Dal-mi (Bae Suzy) who is the main female character, between Nam Do-san or Han Ji-pyeong. However, this drakor has also succeeded in opening our horizons about the process of starting a start-up company.

This drama story focuses on Seo Dal-mi, a girl who dreams of wanting to be like Steve Jobs by starting her own company. Meanwhile, there is Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk), Dal-mi’s first love who is currently having a hard time running her company, namely Samsan Tech.

Even so, Dal-mi’s first love is actually Han Ji-pyeong (Kim Seon-ho), the leader of a large investment company who used the name Nam Do-san when he was young. The three were then brought together in a program to start a start-up. This is where the love triangle story between them began which then caused a debate between netizens.

5. Forecasting Love and Weather

Have you ever wondered how the work process of employees of a meteorological agency dealing with weather conditions is like? Well, your curiosity will be answered when watching the Korean drama Forecasting Love and Weather. Because, this drama tells the life of a number of employees of the National Meteorological Agency of South Korea who of course still have the spices of romance.

In this drama, we will meet Jin Ha-kyung (Park Min-young) who holds the position of leader of the Second Division of the South Korean National Meteorological Agency. Then, there is also Lee Si-woo (Song Kang) who is a member of Ha-kyung’s division. Both have a relationship because each of their lovers turned out to be cheating on each other.

6. Business Proposal

Business Proposal is Kim Se-jeong’s latest drama after starring in The Uncanny Counter at the end of 2020. This drama is inspired by a web novel entitled The Office Blind Date by Hae Hwa. The story focuses on a girl named Shin Ha-ri (Se-jeong) who replaces her friend, Jin Yeong-seo (Seol In-a) to go on a blind date.
However, Ha-ri didn’t think that The guy on the blind date is Kang Tae-mu (Ahn Hyo-seop), the CEO of the company he works for. Tae-mu doesn’t even know that Ha-ri works for his company. As a result of this, Ha-ri has to hide every time she meets her boss at work, especially since Ha-ri intentionally makes their blind date experience bad.

7. Crazy Love

Through this drama, we will be able to see the “crazy” love story between Krystal Jung and Kim Jae-wook. This drama tells the story of Noh Go-jin (Kim Jae-wook), the CEO of a well-known educational institution who pretends to be amnesiac after receiving death threats. Meanwhile, there is Lee Shin-ah (Krystal Jung), Go-jin’s secretary who is very introverted and also suffers from a serious illness

One day, Shi-ah finds out that Go-jin was just faking amnesia. Shi-ah who doesn’t have long to live then takes advantage of this by threatening Go-jin and also becomes the CEO’s fiancé.