7 Korean Dramas Similar to Penthouses That Drain Emotions!


Are you addicted to watching Korean dramas similar to Penthouse because you like all the conflicts and intrigues that make you emotional? Don’t worry, there are still many Korean dramas like Penthouse that you can watch. Guaranteed to be fun and will make you emotional too!

These are 7 Korean dramas similar to Penthouse that drain emotions.

Of course, these seven Korean dramas don’t really tell the same story, it’s just that there are some friends or parts of the same story. Starting from the story of infidelity, revenge, and of course the lives of upper class people who are so obsessed with power and success that they often justify any means. Curious what the drama is? Just check the 7 Korean dramas that are similar to the following Penthouse.

1. High Society (2018)
As is well known, Penthouse tells the story of a group of people from rich families who are still so hungry for power and success that they justify any means to get it. Similar to Penthouse. High Society also tells the story of upper class people who fight for power, especially in the world of politics.

Tells the story of a curator at an art gallery who gives his support to his husband who wants to become a board member. On the way to the peak of power, their determination and morale are faced with various very severe tests.

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2. Graceful Friends (2020)
Just like Penthouse, this Korean drama tells the story of a murder mystery between a group of friends. They’ve known each other for 20 years, yet they realize they’ve never really learned each other’s darkest secrets.

Each of them has their own life that looks normal. Some work as doctors, tax office employees, film directors to insurance workers. But their lives immediately changed drastically when there was a murder involving one of them.

3. Woman of Dignity (2017)
Similar to Penthouse, Woman of Dignity also raises stories about elite or wealthy people who are still very obsessed with getting power and victory in various things. However, here the story focuses more on two female characters, namely Woo A Jin and Park Bo Ja.

Park Bo Ja will do whatever it takes to make him successful and reach the top, while Woo A Jin is in a state that is on the verge of falling from the pinnacle of glory. In this drama you will find many stories of infidelity, actions that are hypercritical and of course immoral. Guaranteed to make you high blood pressure and heavy emotions.

4. Sky Castle (2018)
The next Penthouse-like drama is Sky Castle because both tell stories about elite or wealthy families. In this drama, parents are very obsessed with making their children successful by justifying all means. In Sky Castle the case is that these parents are obsessed with getting their children into the best and most prestigious universities.

This drama is one of the highest-rated dramas in South Korea. This drama is considered successful in describing the education conditions in Korea which are very burdensome for children to make them stressed and even depressed and cannot enjoy life because they are always learning. Including how the parents there are very obsessed with education.

Parents generally always force their children to realize their own personal desires or ideals without thinking about the child’s mental condition. Anyway, this drama is worth watching because it is guaranteed to make you angry and emotional.

5. The World Of The Married (2020)
Of course, this drama must have been widely known because it is one of the most trending dramas on Twitter and has a high rating in Korea. Tells about an affair that is very cunning and full of intrigue so that it drains the emotions of the audience.

This drama is actually an adaptation of the British series titled Doctor Foster. Tells about Ji Sun Woo, a woman from a family of doctors who married Lee Tae Oh. They have a son and seem like an ideal family.

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Tae Oh himself is a film director whose career has been helped a lot by his wife and rich family. Even though he loves his wife, Tae Oh can’t resist the temptation to have an affair. with Da Kyung, the son of the boss of the company he works for.

Despite his disappointment, Sun Woo tries to give Tae Oh a chance to improve himself and stop his affair. But Tae Oh didn’t do it and instead got Da Kyung pregnant.

6. Hera, the Goddess of Revenge (2020)
If you like Penthouse stories about revenge, then this drama is worth watching. From the title alone, it can be seen that the main team of this drama is revenge.

The story is about Hera, who takes revenge on a massive scale after her career as an influencer is ruined because of a fake news story. He was determined to take revenge and destroy all those involved in the destruction of his career.

7. Love (ft. Marriage & Divorce) (2021)
Tells the story of three women who work at a radio station as broadcasters, producers and scriptwriters. They were all married into families that seemed fine at first.

Boo Hye Rung is an actress and broadcaster in her 30s, married to Pan Sa Hyun, a prosecutor. They have been married for three years. For the sake of her career Hye Rung does not want to have children first.

Then there is Sa Pi Yong the producer in his 40s who is married to a doctor. She has a very romantic and caring husband as well as a sweet daughter.

Then the last one is Lee Si Eun, a radio scriptwriter in his 50s. He has been married for 20 years and has managed to face various trials in his family. Her husband is a lecturer and professor who managed to reach his current position because of Si Eun’s support and hard work.