7 Facts about Riddler, DC Villain Full of Enigmas in The Batman Movie


1. Known by three different last names, namely Edward Nigma, Edward Nygma, or Edward Nashton.

Who doesn’t know the Joker? Well, there are several things about the Joker that are similar to the Riddler, which are smart and full of tricks. In addition, Riddler’s identity can be said to be mysterious because he comes with three different last names throughout his appearance in the comics.
At the beginning of its appearance, the Riddler was known as Edward Nigma or abbreviated as E. Nigma. At a different moment, the writing of his last name was changed to Nygma. Although Edward Nigma is more popular in the comics, it is said that the Riddler was actually born with the real name Edward Nashton. Well, The Batman uses Edward Nashton as his real name Riddler. But before the police found his real name, Riddler was caught in possession of two identity cards with different names.

2. The Riddler first appeared in Detective Comics #140, which was released in October 1948.

The character created by Bill Finger and Dick Sprang is said to have loved puzzles since he was a child. Because of his intention to be the winner in his school’s puzzle contest, Edward cheated by secretly coming to school the night before the contest to learn the puzzle to be contested.
Edward continued to practice his puzzle solving skills until he worked at the carnival as an adult. While working at the carnival, Edward tricks visitors with strange riddles and mind games.
Edward’s obsession with puzzles arises because his father does not believe that his son is a genius. His father even beat Edward because he thought his son got good grades for cheating. In order to prove his genius, Edward always practiced puzzles until he became obsessed with it.

3. Riddler plunged into the criminal world because he wanted a challenge in using his intelligence.

Dissatisfied with his job at the carnival, Edward believes that he is smart enough to use his wits for crime and confuse law enforcement. Edward then acts to commit a crime by wearing a green costume and using the Riddler identity. At the beginning of the action, the Riddler managed to launch a crime wave in Gotham.
Batman is clearly investigating the Riddler’s crimes who always leave puzzling clues. One day, Riddler lures Batman to go to his artificial maze. Fortunately, Batman managed to escape before the bomb in the Riddler’s maze exploded. Ironically, the Riddler was hit by a bomb from his labyrinth and was injured.

4. Not having super powers, Riddler’s strength lies in his genius.

Those of you who have watched The Batman certainly know that the Riddler admits that he must have lost the physical battle. This villain really relies on his genius in carrying out his actions. His intelligence is what is used to create puzzles and traps to ensnare Batman. The Riddler is even known as one of Batman’s most intelligent foes.

Interestingly, the Riddler is known to have better investigative skills than Batman. Behind his intelligence, Riddler turns out to have a fairly acute mental disorder, consisting of narcissism, egocentrism, megalomania, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

When it debuted in the comics in 1948, Riddler failed to win the hearts of DC fans, so this character was simply forgotten. Who would have thought, Riddler appeared as one of the villains in the Batman live action series that aired in the 1960s and was played by Frank Gorshin. Not only in the series, Gorshin again played the Riddler in the Batman film (1966).

Those of you who claim to be Riddler fans should thank Gorshin because he was instrumental in making the villain still popular today. Gorshin’s appearance as a Riddler managed to steal the attention of fans and made Riddler a popular character. Thanks to the popularity of the Riddler in the Batman series, this villain returned to enliven the DC comics universe in 1965.

6. Before Jim Carrey was chosen, Robin Williams was targeted to play the Riddler in Batman Forever (1995).

In the 1990s, the Riddler was once fish as the villain in the film Batman Forever and played by the legendary actor Jim Carrey. Before Carrey was officially chosen to be the Riddler, Warner Bros. had targeted Robin Williams to play this villain. In the midst of negotiations with Williams, Warner Bros. suddenly gave the role to Carrey. Another interesting fact is that singer Michael Jackson was actually trying to get the role of Riddler in Batman Forever.

7. Riddler almost became a villain in The Dark Knight Rises (2012) and Leonardo DiCaprio was targeted to play him.

The success of Joker in The Dark Knight (2008) made Warner Bros. hope Riddler is made as a villain in The Dark Knight Rises. You see, these two villains have quite similar characteristics. Warner Bros. even pitched Leonardo DiCaprio to play the Riddler because director Christopher Nolan worked with the actor in Inception (2010).
However, Nolan is not interested in using Riddler in The Dark Knight Rises because he wants a villain with different characteristics from the previous film. Nolan finally chose Bane as the villain and plans to approach DiCaprio were canceled.