7 Characters from Zero to the Best Hero in Anime Universe


Many characters in anime are zero to hero or start everything from scratch and then become a hero thanks to their hard work. These characters find their strengths by going through a series of processes that shape their lives. Most of them can be an inspiration for fans who are in need of motivation to move forward.

The existence of these characters shows that hard work never lies. The fruit of this hard work will not only affect the character himself, but also the people around him. This will also make the character a role model and usually maintain a low self-esteem.

They can be a motivation for people who are desperate with their lives. So who are the characters?from zero to the best hero in anime? Quoting WatchMojo , here’s the review!

7. Tsunayoshi “Tsuna” Sawada — Reborn!

He was easily startled, had no friends, and had no talent. He seems like the perfect candidate to be the boss of a mafia family. Tsuna started his journey in this series without any qualities. But, as time went on, he began to show who he was. With Reborn’s best tutor with him, Tsuna is soon able to capture his power and become a figure that the Vongola Familia can look up to.

6. Subaru Natsuki — Re:Zero-Starting Life in Another World-

Subaru is probably the worst case zero to hero . He definitely doesn’t have a dark and tragic past. But, he was the only one who died. After transmigrating into a fantasy world filled with fairies, magic and murder, he knows that every time he is killed, he returns to the past. Despite meeting many gruesome endings, Subaru still finds a way to turn them into power.

5. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari — Little Witch Academia

He came from a humble background and had very little magical talent. However, he was still excited about entering the wizarding school. He is one of the most determined characters driven by his dream of becoming a great wizard like his hero, Shiny Chariot. With her strong belief in how magic should be used to spread joy, Akko then becomes a beacon of hope that can inspire everyone. Although, he still had a hard time flying the broom.

4. Saitama — One Punch Man

Saitama has always been the strongest hero. So, it’s kind of hard to imagine that he’s ever been nothing. In the past, before being cloaked and bald, Saitama was a worker who hated his mediocre life. He didn’t even care if a villain was going to knock him out. Until suddenly his mind changed. He continuously practiced and gained unstoppable strength. He became the one who could stop the threat that could wipe out the earth.

3. Ippo Makunouchi — Hajime no Ippo

As a victim of bullying who can never push himself, Ippo is not someone who is considered to be able to become a boxing champion in Japan. After finding an interest in boxing, Ippo soon found himself with a shot at the big leagues thanks to his fighting spirit. He can beat anyone. Even so, he was a very pleasant person.

2. Izuku Midoriya — My Hero Academia

Izuku aka Deku always wanted to be a superhero. Unfortunately, he had no power. Laughed and bullied for not having a Quirk, Deku refuses to give up his dream to become like his idol: the hero known as All Might. After encountering the hero, Deku finally gets his chance when All Might admits that he actually has the qualities of a hero. He makes Deku a good candidate to inherit his Quirk.

1. Simon — Gurren Lagann

While passionate, at first, Simon was clearly in the shadow of his older sister, Kamina. However, after Kamina’s tragic death, Simon underwent a massive transformation. Stepping up to lead Team Dai-Gurren against the threat of Lordgenome and Anti-Spiral, Simon is the star of humanity’s hope.