7 Batman Facts That Many People Don’t Know


1. The costume in the original design is brightly colored
Bruce Wayne is famous for his action against crime in costumes that are all black or at least dark in color. This is also what earned him the title of the Dark Knight. However, in the original design, Bob Kane actually made Wayne a superhero who acted with a bright red costume, a mask that only covered the eyes, and blonde hair.
However, Bill Finger finally decided to change the design as we know it today to match the concept of his character, namely the bat. So, until now Bruce Wayne always wears dark colored costumes when acting against crime. Even if the costume is blue, the nuance is more dominant towards dark blue.

2. Don’t hesitate to kill when you first appear
If you’ve only followed Batman from the movie, you’ll know him better as a superhero who has a no-kill rule. In fact, at the beginning of his appearance in the comics, Wayne actually killed his enemies very often. Even Wayne did not hesitate to do it in a sadistic way, such as shooting, dropping them into acid, until they hang to death.

In fact, Wayne also directly killed the Joker in the first issue of the comic. The creators originally did this so that readers wouldn’t think of the Dark Knight as a weak hero who can’t solve his problems properly. Even so, one of the DC editors at that time finally changed the concept of his character so that he became a superhero who had a rule not to kill.

3. Almost became a Yellow Lantern
Green Lantern has an enemy named Sinestro who is a Yellow Lantern and has a group called Sinestro Corps. His group contained a number of characters who also had the status of a Yellow Lantern. Like the Green Lantern, the ring from the Yellow Lantern also chooses its own user according to the emotions they want to convey.
Interestingly, the Yellow Lantern ring once chose Bruce Wayne as its user and joined the Sinestro Corps. This is because Yellow Lantern is looking for a user who can instill fear in people, like Batman who is feared by the criminals of Gotham. However, Wayne refuses this because he wants justice more than to instill fear in his enemies.

4. Genius superhero with an IQ of 192
You might agree that Bruce Wayne is a genius character. The proof, Wayne can create various kinds of advanced technology by himself to be able to act as the Dark Knight. Not only that, Wayne also has various backup plans so he doesn’t lose when fighting, including a contingency plan against members of the Justice League.
His genius was not too surprising, because Bruce Wayne turned out to have an IQ of 192. This figure even surpassed the IQ level of Albert Einstein who was one of the geniuses in the real world. So, it’s not surprising that Wayne has also earned the nickname “World’s Best Detective” because he managed to solve even complex cases with ease.

5. The filming of Batman Returns cost $1 million for the penguins
In the movie Batman Returns (1992), we can see Oswald Cobblepot aka The Penguin as one of the villains. As the name implies, The Penguin also has a secret base full of animals from the South Pole.
Well, it turns out that the penguins in the film are real animals. The process of bringing the penguins for this film even reportedly cost up to 1 million dollars. This fee is used for the accommodation of the penguins to the shooting location, food, and also air conditioning to adjust to their habitat.

Can you imagine what would happen if Batman did a fusion or joined Wolverine? Well, this actually happened in the crossover event between Marvel and DC in 1996. The result of this collaboration created a new character named Logan Wayne who also became a superhero called Dark Claw.
Dark Claw is even considered a very overpowered superhero even though it only appears in crossover events. You see, Dark Claw has a high level of genius and a sense of justice like Batman. It doesn’t stop there, Dark Claw also has Wolverine’s various mutant powers, such as cell regeneration, adamatium claws, more sensitive senses.

7. There is a university with a “Batman Science” curriculum

Maybe many of you know that there is a city called Batman in Turkey. However, did you know that there is a university that has a special curriculum for studying the Dark Knight?
Yep, in fact the curriculum called “Batman Science” really exists at Victoria University, which is located in Canada. In this curriculum, you can study the possibilities