7 Anime Characters Who Don’t Protest The 20 Minute Eating Rule


The Covid-19 pandemic that is still spreading has constrained the government to give various arrangements, one of which is the 20-minute supper rule in restaurants or food stalls. A lot of images have jumped up in light of the rule saying it’s a bit difficult for somebody to go through 20 minutes at a restaurant from showing up, requesting, eating lastly leaving.

Anime Characters Who Can Eat 20 Minutes Without a Problem

1. Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece

There can be no question that this character is truly attached to eating. Luffy is a One Piece anime character who is voracious when he discovers food. He can eat a lot of food in no time flat.

Luffy will without a doubt become powerless in case he is ravenous. Therefore, he will rapidly complete the food. His body will be fat after eating but then step by step thin once more. So in case there are PPKM Level 4 regulations that limit supper times, it’s not an issue for Luffy.

2. Child Goku – Dragon Ball

Child Goku . Who doesn’t have the foggiest idea about this amazing character from the Dragon Ball anime ? The principle character in this film is known as a strong but entertaining individual. One of Goku’s characteristics is that he is so covetous for food. Particularly in the event that you’ve met ramen.

The 20 minute dinner time allotted to him was presumably all that could possibly be needed to complete five dishes of ramen. Particularly, Goku was rarely fat. His muscles were consistently strong and his strength never loosened despite eating too a lot.

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3. Sasha – Attack on Titan

For those of you who are aficionados of the Attack on Titan anime , it could be that Sasha is a pretty adorable character . This female character repeatedly makes the crowd chuckle. Particularly in case there is a food scene.

Told, Sasha is an individual who is so attached to eating. All the food he enjoys without exception. In addition, in the event that he eats meat, he can complete a modest bunch of meat instantly. The explanation, meat is a food that he infrequently eats. So in the event that you need to take 20 minutes to eat up food, Sasha won’t ever mind.

4. Kakashi – Naruto

Perhaps the biggest mystery of the Naruto anime is what does Kakashi’s face look like ? That’s right, this teacher consistently covers most of his face. Nobody can see it. It even happened when he was out to eat at a restaurant.

Kakashi would eat so fast that nobody could at any point see him take off his veil and eat his food. Along these lines, despite the fact that the PPKM rules limit the time for the Konoha community to 5 minutes. I surmise, Kakashi won’t ever protest by any means.

5. Toriko – Toriko

s a Gourmet Hunter, it’s his responsibility to circumvent searching for scrumptious plans . He went to one spot and another to get uncommon food ingredients to complete his ‘Luxurious dinner’ as an individual who loves to eat.

Toriko can eat a variety of food sources rapidly. Also, Toriko often flaunts her ability to eat a lot of food in one go. Any individual who makes PPKM rules about eating for a limit of 20 minutes, appears to feel second rate in the event that they meet Toriko.

6. Kagura – Gintama

Perhaps not many individuals think that Kagura in Gintama is a lady who truly prefers to eat. In fact, Kagura has a little body with an extremely cute face. In any case, everything that doesn’t make a difference in front of the feasting table.

There was once a scene when Kagura was abducted and needed to take part in an eating competition with little youngsters from other icon gatherings. As one would expect, a portion of the gigantic ramen that was served in front of Kagura ran out instantly.

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7. Pig God – One Punch Man

Among the past anime characters, Pig God might be a character who can truly eat a wide range of food. His huge body with a mouth that can be opened wide permits him to put any food into his mouth rapidly.

Let alone food, people can just eat it rapidly. So in case there is a PPKM rule in the realm of One Punch Man . It appears Pig God is the most suffering creature.

Among the seven anime characters above. Which do you think is the most insatiable and can complete food in a short time?