6 Tatsu Moments from The Way of The Househusband that Relatable


The character Tatsu from the anime series The Way of the Househusband has many nicknames, but the most famous is ‘The Eternal Dragon’. In his past, he was a legendary yakuza who was greatly feared by his enemies.

But now that he’s retired from a life of crime, Tatsu lives a simple life as a highly dedicated husband and wife. Watching Tatsu seriously carry out his new contradictory role, you will find sides of him that feel familiar. Here are some very relatable moments of Tatsu – especially during the current pandemic!

1. Plant lover
Since the pandemic has forced us to do more activities at home, farming has become a new hobby that is loved by many people. This is also done by Tatsu who is actually soft-hearted and ready to give lots of love and attention – even to plants!

2. Trying out recipes
With so many recipes going viral on TikTok or other platforms, trying new recipes or experimenting with cooking has now become one of our favorite activities in our spare time. Cooking is also one of the routines that Tatsu has to live as a husband and wife. Just look how tempting the foods made by him.

3. Chat with pets
The pandemic situation makes us rarely interact directly with other people. It’s no wonder that pets eventually become our chat friends at home. Likewise with Tatsu who was left alone with his cat at home when his wife worked. The passionate interaction between Tatsu and his cat will be able to comfort our hearts.

4. The importance of exercise
Of course we want to keep our bodies in shape while at home. From zumba to yoga to HIIT, we’ve probably tried different fitness programs to find one we really like. Tatsu himself seemed to really enjoy the yoga program with other housewives.

5. Wrong order when shopping online
In 2020, most of the e-Commerce sites are experiencing a surge because many people spend time shopping online. But sometimes, what we order may not match what we get. In The Way of the Househusband series, Tatsu teaches us to be confident when wearing any clothes, as he doesn’t mind wearing a pink apron which is a complete contrast to his yakuza look!

6. Hunt for discounts
This scene certainly looks familiar. With so many discounts and attractive offers, sometimes we can’t resist the urge to shop. But because we are not as immortal as Tatsu’s nickname, don’t forget to wear a mask and keep your distance when hunting for discounts.

Watch more of Tatsu’s quirky antics on The Way of the Househusband, only on Netflix. You can also add Aggretsuko, Food Wars, and the equally entertaining The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.: Reawakened to your watch list.