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Korean style outfits have never cooled down because of their simplicity and convenience but also very elegant, easy to wear, suitable for the environment in Asia, especially Vietnam. However, do you really know the formulas of Korean-style women’s outfits?

Have you ever wondered why Korean stars are able to dress well and attract attention without making the other person feel they are too distant? As an office worker, try to learn the fashion style of Korean stars to be both beautiful and professional in the workplace. Here are some tips on how to mix and match Korean style clothes !

Korean style layout: Ulzzang
Ulzzang, pronounced eo-li-jang, is a popular fashion style in Korea. In Vietnamese, Ulzzang means “easy-to-see face”. An Ulzzang-style person is easy to attract a large number of people on the Internet social network. In particular, in teen hot-face contests, gen Z, most Korean girls choose Ulzzang style or the winner will follow Ulzzang style.

Although it means “easy-to-see face”, Ulzzang also means aesthetics when mixing Korean style clothes. And so Ulzzang can also be applied in fashion. That aesthetic is also defined as “an ordinary person”. In other words, following Ulzzang fashion, you are turning yourself into a sweet, lovely and loved girl, not a star that needs to be celebrated.

Even so, girls who dress in Ulzzang style are also very trendy. This way of dressing enhances personal taste and personality based on simple fashion sets. These are medium t-shirts, loose t-shirts, shirts, cardigans, floral skirts, wide leg jeans, sneakers…

How to coordinate Ulzzang style? The following are suggestions for women’s Korean style outfits that Bazaar Vietnam suggests.

1. Mix with floral motifs
Rose (BLACKPINK) is a great model for you to refer to on how to wear a flower dress the most beautiful. The most common mistake when wearing floral prints is that you look cheesy. So how to wear a flower dress to be beautiful?

Rose wears a floral patterned dress with pink makeup and simple light tied hair. The form of the dress with the flared arms is outstanding enough so you don’t need to combine it with a jacket. With this style, you wear pearl earrings or slim jewelry to look more outstanding.

2. Combine with pencil skirt
IU is also one of the stars who like to mix Korean style Ulzzang. She looks sweet and pure but still retains her star aura. In particular, the combination of a floral chiffon shirt with a pencil skirt and delicate earrings is an easy way to combine Ulzzang-style outfits.

Women’s Korean style outfit: OL
Coordinating Korean style, you can’t help but know the OL style. This is the office fashion style because it perfectly shows the image of elegant ladies. OL is neither too formal nor rigid. The simple combination brings a gentle and polite demeanor to the wearer as well as to the look.

1. Pair it with a pencil skirt
If you are a fan of Korean movies, you will not forget Park Min Young ‘s Korean fashion style in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

Never before has the office style become as attractive as when Park Min Young wore a long-sleeved chiffon shirt, pencil dress, and tied her hair in a ponytail. The smart and sophisticated way of dressing makes her a reference model when mixing Korean style clothes OL.

2. Pair with ton-sur-ton shoes or bags
The highlight of this combination is to take advantage of accessories to change the overall outfit. It can be a metal bracelet, a luxury bag or a pair of “ton-sur-ton” shoes.

In the photo above, Son Ye Jin wears a loose pink shirt with the highlight of copper brown slingback heels, making the set look more attractive. Although at the age of 40, Son Ye Jin is still young, but she is not too chubby because she owns an interesting and easy-to-see Korean fashion style.


Besides, many sets of Son Ye Jin are also extremely luxurious and elegant, like the two models below.

Kim Go Eun looks stylish but still easy on the eyes with a blue suit with a white shirt and white shoes. You can add a white handbag to create an accent. Coordinating Korean style OL requires you to know how to take advantage of bags and accessories to break the boredom of office uniforms.

Korean style female outfit: Boyish style
Boyish is a liberal masculine fashion style that is being promoted most strongly by young people. In this style, the clothes usually have light tones, loose and comfortable clothes. Item mix & match Boyish style is quite simple, mainly clothes with checkered or plain patterns, baggy pants. The most common type of pants you may come across on the market are boyfriend jeans or wide leg pants.

When it comes to Boyish, in fashion, it can be mentioned that HyunA, Lisa (BLACKPINK) or Sandara Park are the stars who like to dress in Boyish style the most.