6 Korean Artists Who Choose to Adopt Children, There’s SNSD’s Yoona!


Adoption is a rare thing and is still taboo in South Korea, so that sometimes the public criticizes when they find out that an artist has chosen this bold step. Even so, there are also many artists who make people slowly follow in their footsteps by helping children have a better family and life through adoption.

Many Korean artists have dared to adopt children because they feel they want to help them get a better future. In addition, they also feel an emotional bond with their adopted child. For more details

1. Yoona SNSD

Yoona once came to Peru to volunteer by playing and sharing happiness with unlucky children. After that, at the age of 18, the idol started to adopt an African child and always provided financial support for him secretly. This news has never been exposed to the media, so the public only found out after SBS TV reported it.

Yoona admitted that she sympathized with the child she adopted. Therefore, he took care of her and remitted her money every month. The idol said he was happy to see his adopted child go to school and have many friends. Her adopted child is named Berta. He once expressed his longing and affection for Yoona on SBS TV.

2. Seungyoon WINNER

Seungyoon has adopted three children in Africa since he was very young. The leader of WINNER claimed to want to help them have a better life. He also always sends the money to his children every month.

Like Yoona, Seungyoon’s act of adopting these children was kept secret from the public. He had adopted her since joining the Superstar K2 talent search program , before his debut.

The media only found out after he decided to admit it at the end of 2014. Apart from children, he had also adopted an abandoned dog named Thor and took good care of him.

3. Kim Sung Ryung

Kim Sung Ryung adopted a child named Thom in 2015. The child met him when he was 10 years old in Vietnam. He decided to adopt him because he felt emotional when he saw the state of his family and wanted to let the child have a dream.

Therefore, Kim Sung Ryung became Thom’s second family. According to the actress, Thom’s biological family is very poor and has to work hard to provide for the needs of three children. He was also very moved when he had the opportunity to meet his son again in Vietnam.

4. Park Si Eun and Jin Tae Hyun

Park Si Eun and Jin Tae Hyun announced that they had adopted a daughter named Se Yeon. They met him for the first time during their honeymoon in Jeju and visited an orphanage. At that time, they had paid great attention to Se Yeon like an aunt and uncle.

Park Si Eun and Jin Tae Hyun also spent time with him during the school holidays in Jeju. Both of them also support Se Yeon’s exams who want to enter college and are so happy when her son manages to enter college. Since then, this artist couple chose to adopt Se Yeon officially.

Both claim to want to adopt Se Yeon and accompany her in every precious opportunity, such as college, graduation, getting a job, to getting married. They admit that the decision is not difficult, since Se Yeon is also close to them.

5. Hong Suk Chun

In 2008, Hong Suk Chun adopted his older sister’s two divorced children. On the program Mom, I’m Home , she admits that the reason is because she doesn’t want her sister to feel pressured if one day she chooses to remarry. When that happened, he confessed that he would raise his son with all his heart.

Hong Suk Chun has adopted his two children for years. Hong Eun Joo, who is one of her adopted children, said she was proud to have a father figure who was close and cared for her. Hong Suk Chun also supported their education, allowing their first child to study culinary arts and the youngest to study in the United States.

6. Shin Ae Ra dan Cha In Pyo

Shin Ae Ra and Cha In Pyo have a biological child who was born in 1998. Even so, they did not hesitate to adopt another child, namely Cha Ye Eun in 2005 and Cha Ye Jin in 2008. They became the first Korean artist to choose to adopt a child .

Thanks to the artist couple’s attention, Cha Ye Eun and Cha Ye Jin grew up as women who have happy lives. They are grateful that their parents have given them a lot of love and care since their adoption. They have also attended and shown closeness in the Master in the House program , you know.

Korean artists’ bold steps in adopting children also made many people applaud their kindness. That way, it means that they are ready to be responsible by providing a more decent life for their adopted child.