6 Idol KPop Masters of Spicy Culinary, There are BLACKPINK and EXO


Who of you really likes spicy food? It’s the same with the following KPop idols . Their main priority when it comes to eating food is a prominent spicy taste, of course, the spicy taste hits our tongues all the time, yes. Moreover, in almost every dish, the main spice, namely chili, seems to never be left behind to be processed.

Well, from the row of names of KPop idols who love spicy food , six of them will be immediately revealed who they are. Curious? Come on, check right away!


Doh Kyungsoo or who is familiar with the stage name DO once shared through Exo’s Travel The World on a Ladder Season 2 that he likes to eat Korean Cheongyang chili in almost every dish he eats. Like meat, rice, rice with soup or even soup, DO don’t forget to put chilies to add flavor.

The man whose song was once covered by singer IU admitted that he likes a strong spicy taste and is a fan of spicy food.


Appearing in the variety show Delicious Rendezvous episode 44, Jisoo expressed that she really likes red and spicy food. The players at the event also made ramyeon full of special chilies to fulfill Jisoo’s wish.

In the dish that is served, there is a mixture of spicy instant ramyeon , chili oil, chili powder, pepper powder and not to forget 20 Korean Cheongyang chilies. The woman who played in the drama Snowdrop seemed to really enjoy the super spicy ramyeon while the other players complained of the spiciness until their tongues went numb.

3. Jun Seventeen

Through Mnet’s reality show program entitled SVT Club , one of the Seventeen members, Jun, revealed that he has been a fan of spicy food since childhood. To prove his words, Jun ordered an extra spicy hot pot to be eaten together with two of Seventeen’s managers.

A bit ignorant, this member from China secretly added extra chili sauce to the spicy hot pot sauce so that it made the tongues of both managers hurt like needles were being stabbed while trying. Seeing this, Jun then laughed out loud while continuing to enjoy his super spicy hot pot with a cheerful face

4. Mark GOT7

Another spicy connoisseur who comes from the KPop boy group is Mark GOT7. With a confident face, Mark proved that he likes extreme spicy food more than the average Korean as stated in the show [IDOLITY] GOT7’s TMI Lab Ep. 2 through M2.

This man born in 1993 is able to eat instant ramyeon along with 9 Korean Cheongyang chilies which are said to have a spicier taste than Thai chilies. With a relaxed face, Mark even took several sips of ramyeon sauce filled with chili slices, which made the other GOT7 members worried.

5. Uee eks After School

Uee, the former girl group After School, showed her daily food filled with extra spicy sauce through Home Alone broadcast on KOCOWA TV. The woman who has starred in the dramas My Only One and Ghost Doctor even prepares a breakfast sandwich along with spicy kimchi , Korean Cheongyang chili and extra spicy sauce when her stomach is still empty.

Meanwhile, for dinner, Uee ordered a super spicy stir-fried octopus and didn’t forget to add extra spicy sauce as a complement. This woman, whose full name is Kim Yujin, also confides that she always brings her favorite hot sauce to filming locations.

6. Solbin LABOUM

Solbin, a member of the girl group LABOUM, was present to fill the One Pick Road program which was broadcast through tvN D ENT. As one of the spicy masters, this 1997-born woman was challenged to eat spicy pork cutlets whose spiciness has a frightening level.

The owner of the restaurant even provided digestive medicine to drink before eating the meal. Wrapped in a worried face, Solbin also tasted the chili sauce first. But as soon as he tasted it, he immediately said that it was sweet. The visual as well as the maknae of the LABOUM group believes that the spicy taste he feels is not as scary as people say. This then made the restaurant owner surprised and amazed at the same time.

Wow, it turns out that the K-Pop idols above have spicy tastes that are next level . Hopefully their hobby of eating spicy cuisine doesn’t have a bad impact on health, OK? If you are, are you also a spicy food lover like the K-Pop idols above?