6 Facts about the Kill Bok Soon Movie on Netflix, Stunning with Chungmuro Stars


Chungmuro artist is a term for class A Korean actors and actresses who star in films more often than dramas. With undoubted acting skills, the various films they star in are usually always eagerly awaited by film lovers.

On January 4, 2022, Netflix announced the line-up of stars that would star in the original film titled Kill Bok Soon. Jeon Do Yeon, Sol Kyung Gu, Esom, and Goo Kyu Hwan are officially confirmed to star in this action film. Star-studded with Chungmuro , let’s take a look at six facts about Netflix ‘s Kill Bok Soon movie.

Kill Bok Soon will tell the story of a legendary mercenary assassin
Kill Bok Soon will follow the story of a legendary hit man in the contract killer industry. Just before the renewal of his contract with the company, he is caught in an inevitable confrontation.

Kill Bok Soon is a Netflix original film that will feature a lot of action scenes. This film will also present a unique storyline with the direction of the film director The Merciless (2017).

Jeon Do Yeon is lined up as Gil Bok Soon, the legendary assassin
Having just finished the drama Lost , Jeon Do Yeon has been confirmed as the main character in the film Kill Bok Soon . In this Netflix film, he will play Gil Bok Soon. She lives a double life as a housewife as well as an assassin.

As a hitman, Gil Bok Soon is very well known in the industry for doing the job he was told to do with a 100 percent success rate. He has a 15 year old daughter and is having a hard time because of her daughter’s education.

Sol Kyung Gu plays Cha Min Gyu, a teacher who recognizes Gil Bok Soon’s killing talent
Known as a film specialist actor, Sol Kyung Gu will be making a comeback with Kill Bok Soon . In this first Netflix film, he will play the role of Cha Min Gyu, the boss of the MK company as well as a teacher who recognizes Gil Bok Soon’s talent. He was also instrumental in raising Gil Bok Soon to become an unrivaled assassin.

Gil Bok Soon respects Cha Min Gyu more than anyone. However, Gil Bok Soon is also always wary because Cha Min Gyu is a dangerous figure who can take everything he has.

Esom as Cha Min Hee, director of MK . company
In Kill Bok Soon , Esom will play Cha Min Hee. He is the younger brother of Cha Min Gyu and the director of the MK company. Among the assassins in his company, Cha Min Hee is always dissatisfied with Gil Bok Soon.

Kill Bok Soon will mark Esom’s latest acting project after the drama Taxi Driver and the film Single in Seoul . This action film is also the first Netflix original film that he has starred in.

Goo Kyu Hwan will play the role of Han Hee Sung’s assassin
Goo Kyu Hwan is ready to return to star in the Netflix project after his successful role in the drama DP In Kill Bok Soon , he will play a hitman named Han Hee Sung.

He works for the MK company and he also has incredible killing abilities. However, for some reason, Cha Min Gyu didn’t recognize Han Hee Sung’s killing talent.

Kill Bok Soon is one of the three acting projects that Goo Kyu Hwan has confirmed. The actor has previously been confirmed to star in the drama Strange and the film Run Away which are both slated to air in 2022.

Kill Bok Soon was directed by The Merciless
Director Byun Sung Hyun will be in charge of directing the film Kill Bok Soon. He has previously worked on the film The Beat Goes On (2012), Whatcha Wearin’? (2012), and The Merciless (2017). Besides Kill Bok Soon , the upcoming film he is working on is Kingmaker which is scheduled to be released on January 26, 2022.

Meanwhile, Kill Bok Soon will be produced by Seed Film which also produced the film Kingmaker (2022). Seed Film is also the production company for the Netflix original film, Moral Sense , which will premiere in February 2022.

Studded with South Korea’s top stars and presenting an interesting story, Kill Bok Soon is one of the films with high anticipation. Ready to add this film to your watch-list ?