6 Facts about Fire Saturday, Secret Number’s Latest Single Album

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Finally, the girl group Secret Number will make their latest comeback in 2021. They will launch a single album titled Fire Saturday which will be released on October 27 at 16.00 WIB.
Starting from the retro disco concept to the addition of two new members will color this comeback. Here are a series of facts about Secret Number’s latest comeback with the digital single Fire Saturday.

1. First comeback in 2021 after 11 months
Fire Saturday is Secret Number’s first comeback in 2021 after 11 months without releasing a new song. Finally, they released a single album titled Got That Boom which was launched on November 4, 2020. This album itself consists of two songs, namely Privacy and Got That Boom as the main song.

2. Denise Not Participate in Latest Comeback
On September 30, Vine Entertainment as Secret Number’s agency announced that Denise was not participating in the group’s latest comeback. In his statement, the reason the main vocalist of Secret Number did not participate in this activity was because he was in negotiations to adjust the contract with management.

Fans were also very surprised by this news and hoped that Denise’s problems with the agency would be resolved soon so that they could rejoin the other members.

3. Added Two New Members

One of the interesting things about Secret Number ‘s latest comeback is the addition of two new members. This was first leaked by the agency through a teaser photo that reads ‘Coming soon’ featuring six pairs of legs.

After releasing various teasers, it was revealed that the two new members were named Zuu and Minji.

4. Carrying the Retro Disco Concept
Unlike the previous concept, this latest comeback will carry the retro disco concept. This can be seen from the various teaser photos that show the clothes to the properties used.

The use of bright colors that collide further strengthens the retro disco feel for this concept.

5. Jessi is rumored to be participating in Secret Number’s newest song
Singer and rapper, Jessi is rumored to have participated in the latest song Secret Number. This is based on KBS data for Music Bank’s performance which shows Jessi’s name appearing in one of the credit lyrics for the song Fire Saturday.

However, the agency has not yet confirmed this news.

6. Include Hats As Merchandise Limited Version Of Fire Saturday Album

This Fire Saturday album will have two versions, namely version A in pink and version B in blue. In addition, they will also be releasing a limited edition album selling hats with the official logo and the album as a set.

The limited edition album Secret Number is divided into version A consisting of pink album, white hat, and white box packaging and version B consisting of blue album, black hat, and black box packaging.