6 Actors Who Have Turned Down The Role of Batman


1. Pierce Brosnan

Pierce Brosnan’s name had gone uphill when he played James Bond. But actually before he was offered the character of James Bond, he was offered the character of Batman. The offer he received from Tim Burton directly.

Unfortunately, he felt the role was not very interesting for him. For Brosnan, a superhero who uses his underwear on the outside is absurd for a Pierce Brosnan. Michael Keaton finally accepted the role and made Keaton’s name soar.

The sad thing is, after Keaton, Batman costumes no longer wear underwear on the outside. Brosnan regretted his decision at that time. He missed the moment when his name could soar. Luckily, he didn’t turn down the offer for a James Bond film, which came moments after he turned down the offer to become Batman

2. Josh Hartnett

Christopher Nolan went to Josh Hartnett in person and asked him to play Batman in the Batman trilogy he was working on at the time. However, Josh Hartnett turned down an offer from Nolan because he felt that he did not want to be known as an actor who played a blockbuster film.

If only at that time Josh Hartnett had taken up the offer, perhaps the outcome would have been different. Finally Nolan gave the character to Christian Bale who really did his job well.

Nolan’s three Batman films were huge successes. Meanwhile, Josh Hartnett bit his finger and regretted the rejection he made. Because in addition to the Batman film, Nolan also invited Christian Bale to participate in the film The Prestige which should also be played by Josh Hartnett.

3. Ethan Hawke

Ethan Hawke’s acting capacity is no longer in doubt. His totality in acting is well known by Hollywood filmmakers. However, Ethan is also known as an actor who is quite picky about film offers that come to him.

After the film Batman Returns, the character of Batman was offered to Ethan, but he refused because he felt the role was not suitable for him and worried about disrupting his acting career in the future. The decision was finally really regretted by an Ethan Hawke because the Batman character actually has the potential to spike his career.

4. Heath Ledger

Before the Batman character was actually offered by Christian Bale, Christopher Nolan had time to give it to Heath Ledger. Nolan thinks that Ledger has enough qualifications to play the character of Bruce Wayne and become a superhero helper for Gotham City.

However, the man from Australia turned down Nolan’s offer to star in the batman. Instead, he accepted the offer to play the Joker, who in fact is Batman’s mortal enemy.

In the end we all understand why Heath Ledger chose Joker over Batman. What he does in front of the camera when he becomes the Joker is an incredible masterpiece

5. Ray Liota

One of the biggest regrets in Ray Liota’s life was when he turned down Tim Burton’s invitation to make a Batman movie. After Pierce Brosnan, Tim Burton’s offer also approached Ray Liota. However, he also refused because he felt that he did not fit into superhero films.

In the end, he regretted the decision. What Tim Burton did was a huge success. Now, he is very reluctant to meet Tim Burton let alone have to talk about the topic of Batman. While the career of a Ray Liota is also not too flashy. If only at that time he received an offer from Tim Burton, maybe his career in the film world could be more shiny

6. Christian Bale

After the success of the trilogy made by Christopher Nolan, the role of Batman returned to him. He could potentially play Batman for the fourth time. However, Christian Bale refused the offer.

He felt that the Batman film he starred in was made for only three films. That has become his commitment to Christopher Nolan. This reason made Bale refuse to play Batman for the fourth time. In fact, many speculations say that if he accepts the offer, the 1974-born actor will get an honorarium of USD 50 million.