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The Netflix original series The Silent Sea reaped a lot of reactions from the audience. There are those who like and accept the storyline, there are those who don’t like it at all and feel that the production this time is a bit far beyond expectations. Gong Yoo expressed his opinion about the mixed reviews.

Since the beginning of receiving an offer to play in The Silent Sea, Gong Yoo has already predicted the response from the audience. Especially for a science fiction genre like this, according to Gong Yoo, fanaticism and fan criticism will be much fiercer than other genres. From his side as the main character of The Silent Sea, Gong Yoo is quite satisfied with the result.

“I watched it with satisfaction at the result. I never had the desire to play in the science fiction genre, but really wanted to play in a series with a specific genre. That’s where I was offered The Silent Sea. I am satisfied with the result,” said Gong Yoo in the interview. with Sports Chosun

Regarding the dissatisfaction of some viewers of The Silent Sea, Gong Yoo responded wisely. He did not argue that there may be parts of this series that are lacking and need to be improved in similar projects in the future.

However, the criticism given to The Silent Sea was assessed by Gong Yoo as a lesson. In fact, this criticism provides opportunities and potential for further development of the story.

“It’s not that we feel great, but I think we opened the door to potential development (in the same genre). I am personally very proud of some parts, and I think that’s a brilliant first step,” he commented.

Gong Yoo continued, “Many people are watching this from different perspectives, but I think the different perspectives actually bring more interest to this drama. I’m very grateful.”

The Silent Sea comes after Space Sweepers, the space science fiction film that was also released as a Netflix original. In contrast to The Silent Sea, the Space Sweepers played by Song Joong Ki and Lee Tae Ri received a lively reception from the audience.

Gong Yoo spreads charm in the Korean drama The Silent Sea . Not only through her unquestionable acting, but also through her shiny hair even though it has penetrated the ozone layer from Earth to the Moon. You can listen to the review of the Korean drama The Silent Sea on the Drama Podcast! latest episodes.
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The Silent Sea is about Earth in the future. Drought hit South Korea so that there were no more sea and living creatures in it. Water is becoming scarce and access to clean water is a privilege. Han Yun Jae (Gong Yoo) is invited to do a mission to the Moon. He was appointed captain to obtain important samples at Balhae Base on the Moon. Along with him are several people including Ji An (Bae Doo Na), Ryu Tae Suk (Lee Joon), Dr Hong Ga Young (Kim Sun Young), and several other crew members.

Trouble was happening even before they landed on the moon. The plane they were using had a malfunction and had to make an emergency landing. Even though they ran aground and almost fell into a dark black valley in one of the craters, they managed to get out of the plane and save themselves. Unfortunately, there was one who had to die from an injury. It was the beginning of all the nightmares that happened at Balhae Base.

In the effort of Gong Yoo cs to find samples, they found a row of irregularities. The mystery that happened at Balhae Base 5 years ago begins to be revealed. The appearance of a mysterious and threatening figure named Luna makes their wait for help bleak and dangerous. Not to mention that there seems to be a traitor among them.

The Silent Sea is a Netflix original Korean drama that was released near the end of 2021. This Korean drama received various reviews, ranging from very positive to very negative. Apart from criticism and oblique comments about The Silent Sea, this Korean drama can still be enjoyed as one of the entertaining shows and is quite adrenaline-pumping. The short duration and the right cliffhanger at the end of each episode make it a spectacle that makes you forget the time.