Doctor Strange movie storyline leaked on the internet


After the success of Spider-Man: No Way Home , Marvel Studios immediately released Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (DSMM) earlier this year.
DSMM is a sequel to the 2016 film Doctor Strange . The official DSMM trailer has been released and there are lots of leaks and easter eggs that can describe what the film will be like later.

This DSMM storyline will directly continue the events that occurred in Spider-Man: No Way Home. What will the story be like? For more details, we have to wait until the film is released, which is May 6, 2022.

But it’s not a Marvel movie if there aren’t any leaks circulating in cyberspace. Sometimes there are original leaks, but there are also leaks that turn out to be hoaxes.

Well, this latest there is a leaked storyline alias DSMM plot circulating. It initially appeared on Reddit, after which it streamed onto Twitter and was shared again on other social media platforms.

There has been no confirmation from Marvel regarding this plot leak. It could be just a hoax, but it could also turn out to be true.

The reason is, this plot summary is made in great detail. For those who are curious as to what the storyline will be like, you can click directly to the next page.

Here’s the full post on the DSMM plot uploaded on Reddit, if you want to read it, you’re at your own risk.
The film begins a few months after the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Doctor Strange’s mental health isn’t doing very well.

When the Marvel Studios logo was shown, there were glitches that made the logo change, from the old logo to the new logo.The next scene appears Defender Strange, variant Wong, and America Chavez running through one dimension to another like being chased by a monster.

This scene is highlighted from the point of view of the creature chasing them. There are several scenes shot in the style of Sam Raimi in the previous films.Unfortunately, Wong and Defender Strange were killed. America Chavez managed to escape while bringing the corpse of Defender Strange to the MCU dimension.

Stephen Strange wakes up, feeling that what happened in the previous scene was a dream, then wakes up and prepares to attend the wedding of his ex, Christine Palmer. Stephen is unhappy that his ex has to marry someone else and gets into a pretty serious argument.They mentioned the incident at NWH, but Stephen doesn’t remember Peter Parker at all.

Besides his ex’s marriage, another thing that weighs on Stephen’s mind is the death of Tony Stark in Endgame, which he actually predicted to save the universe.

After the wedding ceremony was over, Christine Palmer suddenly died. Stephen’s mental health was getting worse. Suddenly America Chavez appeared and was being chased by a monster named Shuma-Gorat in the comics, but his name was changed to Gargantos for copyright reasons.

Dr. Strange and Wong managed to stop this creature by pulling out its eyeballs. Dr. Strange, Wong, and America Chavez finally meet at a pizzeria. Chavez says he loves eating at this restaurant the most because it’s in every dimension he’s ever been to.

Chavez is LGBT and will be shown live in the film.

Chavez tells the story that in recent years he was forced to move dimensions because he was being chased by a monster that had destroyed his dimension.

Then the two show Defender Strange’s corpse to Wong and Dr. Strange. The trio then head to Kamar-Taj in an attempt to find a safe haven for Chavez, while Wong and Strange try to find out what really happened. Rintrah, a minotaur, is introduced here played by Adam Hugill. Strange visits Wanda who lives in a secluded place on top of a mountain.

Wanda looks sad over what happened at Westview, but Strange assures her she just needs help with a multidimensional problem.Wanda agrees to help Strange and goes to Kamar-Taj.After Strange left, Wanda’s neighborhood turned into a doomsday one. Wanda thought Strange was coming back to see her, but it turned out to be Baron Mordo who appeared in the 2016 film Doctor Strange.

Wanda kills Mordo after Mordo says he won’t stop until he kills him.When Strange came, he saw Wanda killing Mordo. This triggered Kamar-Taj to be closed tightly.Kamar-Taj is finally attacked by Wanda who kills the witches there one by one to get Chavez.

Wong is defeated by Wanda, Chavez accidentally takes Wanda and Strange to another dimension.They landed at Stark Industries in New York. This dimension has many Iron Legion robots like those that have appeared in Age Of Ultron.In Times Square, there is a message delivered by US President Steve Rogers, played by Chris Evans.

They also met the Tony Stark variant, different from the MCU version because this Stark is Tom Cruise. His nature is also much different because this Stark is very narcissistic and selfish.Stark keeps Thanos’ head in a glass bottle filled with water. Several times Stark mocked the bottle containing the head.Stark admits that he killed Thanos with the help of his Iron Legion. Stark then puts on his armor and looks like Superior Iron Man. On his chest are 3 Infinity Stones.

Stark and Iron Legion finally catch Strange and Chavez and bring them to The Illuminati.