One Piece anime streaming episode 1007 released


Here we will provide a WEB to watch One Piece anime streaming episode 1007. Fans can watch the anime One Piece episode 1007 for free which will be released today on VIU and IQIYI platforms which we will list at the end of this article.

As for the story for episode 1007 this time, the title will be “Zoro’s Pursuit! Ice Devil Chasing Game!” who continued the war on Onigashima.To find out the synopsis of the One Piece anime story for episode 1007 this time, we will review the following.

Judging review of One Piece episode 1006 on IQIYI, episode 1007 will probably adapt most of the manga chapters 994 and 995. Continues to spread and attacks the rebellious Samurai.

Not only the samurai, Queen also seems to have spread the Ice Oni plague to the Pleasure troops and doesn’t care about their fate. No wonder the nickname Queen the Plague Bearer is true.

Even Chopper said that Queen was the real devil on this cursed stage.Meanwhile, Shinobu, who was with Momonosuke,

continued to run away from Yamato’s pursuit until they didn’t realize they met the Armored Division, Sasaki.Sasaki who coincidentally met Shinobu and Momonosuke did not hesitate to shoot them both into a corner.

That’s when Yamato came to save the two of them from being chased by one of Sasaki’s subordinates, the Tortoise SMILE user.Shinobu who failed to protect Momonosuke, then asked Yamato for help to protect him. Seeing the wounds all over Shinobu’s body, Yamato immediately remembered the moment 20 years ago at the execution site of Kozuki Oden.

Yamato told Momonosuke that he was present at the location where his father, Kozuki Oden was executed. He was so amazed by the figure of Kozuki Oden at that time and grew admiration for him even more when Shinobu’s words touched Yamato. At that time Yamato was determined to protect Momonosuke no matter what.

Back on the Onigashima stage, Queen, who was still enjoying the chaos she created, apparently had another terrible idea to enliven the show. Then Queen announces a terrible game, where Queen throws the antidote to the plague at Scratchmen Apoo. Queen also said that people who have been infected with Ice Oni only have one hour to live, and if they want to be free from the curse of the Ice Oni plague that he created, they must get it from Apoo’s hands.

Meanwhile, Scratchmen Apoo must take good care of the antidote so it doesn’t fall into the hands of the rebellious samurai. Knowing this, Apoo was so shocked that he ran away because everyone was going to chase him.It doesn’t stop there, if within an hour later this plague can’t be cured, then they will just die because the body system can’t withstand the effects of the Ice Oni virus outbreak.

Chopper who can’t stay silent seeing the many victims suffer, asks Zoro for help to snatch the antidote from Scratchmen Apoo’s hands. If the vaccine could be obtained, then Chopper could double the vaccine so many people could be saved, but of course they would be betting on time to finish this all. How will Zoro attempt in his pursuit to snatch the vaccine from Apoo.?

Watch the excitement in the One Piece anime episode 1007 which will air today at 09.00 WIB on the IQIYI streaming platform.