Stimulate adrenaline with watched horror movies


Most people have probably  , mystical, or horrific scenes that stimulate adrenaline.

Lots of thrilling and scary movies have been released, anyone can enjoy. So, what horror movies are the scariest? Broadbandcoiches, a comparison platform for offering broadband network services, conducted a “Science of Scare Project” study to find the answer.

Launching Forbes , the study was conducted using the audience’s heart rate. Heart rate tracking was carried out on 50 people of various ages who watched more than 100 hours of scary movies .

Of the many films that are scientifically believed to be scary films ever made, Broadbandcoiches narrowed the list and selected 35 films.

Horror film ratings use the highest rating according to IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and Reddit. Even so, the sample size is still revealing about what makes people feel afraid and the extent to which horror films trigger fear.

In the study, each audience was equipped with a heart rate monitor to see the average heart rate while watching a movie.

All data were averaged for each film, and one film came out as the scariest in the bunch.

” Science of Scare research was designed to help people find the most scientifically scary movies ever made, to save time searching for thousands of movie titles across streaming services like Amazon, Netflix and Shudder,” said Daniel Clifford, author of the study.

According to , here are the 10 scariest movies based on the research:

Sinister The results showed that Sinister was the film that the participants feared the most, as seen from the heartbeat. Horror movies /thriller film chronicles a series of gruesome family murders. The participants’ average resting heart rate was 65 BPM (beats per minute).

During movie viewing, the average heart rate rose to 86 BPM, an increase of 32 percent, which was the highest BPM increase of all the horror films the study participants watched.

Insidious The biggest jump of fear occurred in the film Insidious, which had a moment that made the participants’ heart beats reach 133 BPM. Overall, Inisidious is in second place, after Sinister, with an average heart rate of 85 BPM.

Meanwhile, there are some more random findings from the study, such as Broadbandchoices dubs James Wan as the king of horror, for leading three different scary films than those in the top ten.

Modern horror films perform much better than classic films, although films such as The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre may be considered better horror films, they did not frighten the study participants.