5 Young MotoGP Racers Who Can Be ‘The Next Valentino Rossi’


Valentino Rossi has officially retired from MotoGP . However, the nine-time world champion has already advised motorcycle racing fans that MotoGP will continue to be fun without him, especially now that the championship grid is filled with so many talented and fast-paced young riders.

Even so, of course the public is made to wonder, who is the young racer who can replace his role as a future megastar. Rossi, as an Italian, of course also champions many riders who come from the country of pizza. However, he also does not deny that there are riders from other countries who must be monitored.

The Bola.net team also estimates that there are five main young riders who can become the next idol in MotoGP, either based on their talent or based on their character. Who are they? Here’s the review.

Fabio Quartararo
It is common knowledge that Fabio Quartararo has idolized Valentino Rossi since he was a child. Uniquely, Quartararo also replaced Rossi in the Yamaha factory team this season. He even succeeded in following in the footsteps of his idol by winning the 2021 MotoGP. So, Quartararo’s talent is no longer in doubt

However, the French rider who is also of Italian blood is known to have the same outgoing and cheerful character as Rossi. El Diablo himself did not want to be Rossi’s successor and wanted to be himself. He also believes that Rossi can never be replaced by anyone. However, it is not impossible that he will become the next big idol in MotoGP.

Franco Morbidelli
For Franco Morbidelli, Rossi is like his own brother, and their relationship is no less close than Rossi’s relationship with his own brother, Luca Marini. Morbidelli is also the first member of the VR46 Riders Academy, a racing academy that Rossi formed in 2013.

Morbidelli did not want to waste The Doctor’s trust in him, and he proved capable of becoming the 2017 Moto2 world champion and 2020 MotoGP runner-up. Although he is recovering from a knee injury, Morbidelli has again shown a fierce performance. That way, he also has a chance to consistently fight for the MotoGP title in the future.

Francesco ‘Pecco’ Bagnaia
There is no doubt that Pecco Bagnaia is currently a ‘hot item’ in MotoGP. Despite losing to Quartararo in the 2021 title race, his dominant form in the second half of the season has made him one of the main candidates for the world title in 2022.

Bagnaia believes that what Rossi has done for MotoGP will not be matched or surpassed by other riders. However, as the best Italian racer at the moment, the 2018 Moto2 world champion is certainly expected to become a new idol for Popolo Giallo, namely Rossi’s fan.

Enea Bastianini
Enea Bastianini is not a member of VR46 Riders Academy. However, the 2020 Moto2 world champion is also an Italian rider and is very friendly with the members of Rossi’s academy. As a result, more or less he gained knowledge from the nine-time world champion.

Although limping at the start of this season, Bestia showed off in the second half of the season. He won two podiums and often threatens top-flight battles even though he uses a two-year-old motorbike. Next season, he still can’t get a factory bike, but he has the potential to look good and this is even predicted by Rossi himself.

Marco Bezzecchi
Marco Bezzecchi is one of Rossi’s students also in VR46. ‘Bez’ is also considered Rossi’s twin because of their similar faces and appearances. However, Rossi believes that Bezzecchi also has massive talent with his aggressive racing style.

Even though he has never been a world champion, Bezzecchi has always appeared at the top of the table when he dropped in the lighter classes. In 2018, he was third in the Moto3 standings, and this season he is sitting in the same rank in Moto2. Next season, he will move up to MotoGP with Ducati, and he is expected to be very competitive.