The premiere episode of Season 4 of the Sherlock Holmes series aired exclusively on BBC One, 1 January and can be streamed over the internet the following day. After waiting for about three years, the 1 hour 20 minute episode was really shocking.

The story follows the reappearance of Jim Moriarty ( Andrew Scott ) on various small screens in England. Even though Sherlock ( Benedict Cumberbatch ) is sure that the culprit is not Jim because he died face-to-face in episode 3 season 2, he’s still confused.

Because he was so upset, he couldn’t concentrate on dealing with other cases. The real criminals can go here and there without being suspected.

1. Sherlock has many weaknesses

After seeing Sherlock who is indifferent in season 1, serious in season 2, and a bit funny in season 3, you can get to know the other side which shows that no matter how smart his brain is, he is just an ordinary human. His intelligence makes him arrogant, selfish, and increasingly insensitive.

However, his arrogance makes him feel right on his own and several times make wrong decisions which ultimately have a bad impact on those closest to him. Even those closest to him began to retreat one by one. Her life is getting less and less calm because the image of Jim Moriarty haunts her throughout the episode.

2. John Watson returns to old habits

After meeting Mary Morstan ( Amanda Abbington ) and having a relationship with the nurse, John Watson ( Martin Freeman ) is committed until they finally get married and have children. Unfortunately, he actually likes to glance at girls, even to the point of being tempted by early-level approaches.

In this episode, Watson, who is usually relaxed, likes to joke, and is cool, shows his fierce side. His authority and guts as a former captain of the British army was really felt. In fact, Mycroft Holmes ( Mark Gatiss ) who is the head of British intelligence is also horrified.

3. Bromance

Mycroft always appears as a nonchalant figure who likes to keep his little brother smart. But in this fourth season, he appears as an older brother who is willing to spend time listening to complaints, until he is willing to help Sherlock solve personal cases using office assets. In fact, Mycroft’s help seemed far more than Watson’s.

In fact, the relationship between the brothers was never told and they were always cold. Although several times they often handle one case together, one always wants to be better than the other. Whether it’s due to softening or just skipping , Mycroft lost to Sherlock when they were both investigating the case at the beginning of season 4. That victory made Sherlock even more arrogant and forgetful.

4. The past is not over

Speaking of forgetting the mainland, Mary Morstan is also like that, guys . Doi is so caught up in the ‘family planning’ life with John Watson that he forgets that his past as a hired assassin is very complex.

Doi is again haunted by a dark past. But the difference is that Sherlock and Watson are ready to ward off all the consequences of Mary’s actions in the past. Why does Mary, who is usually graceful, look so badass ? Very curious.

5. Correct predictions

That way, there are at least two cases that Sherlock and his friends must handle, namely the reappearance of Moriarty’s figure and Mary’s past. The storyline is much more complicated than all the Sherlock BBC One episodes.

Although humor is tucked here and there, the feel of ‘dark’ is very pronounced. Murders happen everywhere. Disputes arose all over the place and distrust divided every side. The subject is complicated but still fun for you to watch.

In conclusion, Premier Season 4 really presents the story of Sherlock with a new nuance but can still be followed by the story. If you’ve watched it, don’t forget to leave a comment below, OK?