5 Ways to Keep Your Menstrual Cycle Smooth That Teen Girls Need to Know

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Teenage girls have a lot of new things to learn. In addition to getting to know your own body, it is also important to learn about the menstrual cycle that occurs each month. Every woman experiences a different menstrual cycle, normally every 21-35 days. However, hormonal changes that occur in the first few years of menstruation can really affect the cycle, whether it’s faster or slower.

Also, if you are experiencing irregular periods, you can try the following ways to keep your menstrual cycle normal. Anything?

Adjust Your Diet to Prepare Your Body
The first thing to consider when menstrual irregularity is to check your diet first. Does the food consumed so far already contain as many nutrients as needed? Preparing the body with nutritious food is crucial to keeping the menstrual cycle smooth.

Increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables to maintain the hormone balance in the body. Also, do not forget to consume foods rich in iron to prevent anemia when menstrual bleeding starts late. Don’t forget to also meet the body’s Omega 3 needs to minimize PMS symptoms.

Routine Exercise
Healthy living habits such as exercise play an important role in keeping the body fit and healthy. Apart from this, this activity is also recommended to overcome polycystic ovary syndrome, also known as PCOS. This syndrome itself is one of the causes of irregular menstruation.

There are many light exercises recommended to keep the menstrual cycle regular. For example, yoga. A study shows that 35-40 minutes of yoga per day can affect menstrual cycle hormones. As a result, menstruation becomes more regular. You can do not only yoga, but also swimming, cycling or pilates, which can help with menstruation.

Maintain Ideal Body Weight
Did you know that obesity or uncontrolled weight can actually cause menstrual irregularity? In fact, this can cause heavy bleeding during the menstrual period. However, it’s not just obesity, because thinness can also cause the menstrual cycle to not work as it should.

Therefore, it is important that you maintain your ideal body weight. If you really want to run a weight loss or gain program, you should consult a doctor or nutritionist for input on a healthy diet.

Get Adequate Rest
Stress and a tired body can also be factors that can cause the menstrual cycle to come sooner or later. Not infrequently, there are also those who menstruate 2 times a month or even late.

That’s why it’s important to make sure you get enough rest. Also, avoid the habit of sleeping late at night, which will only increase the risk of various diseases. Create comfortable bedroom conditions for you to fall asleep quickly. For example, by dimming the lights and adjusting the room temperature to a comfortable level at which the body can easily fall asleep.

Herbal Beverage Consumption
Several types of herbal ingredients contain ingredients to start the menstrual cycle and have been used for generations. For example, ginger, cinnamon, and turmeric, which have been reported to help start the menstrual cycle. Unfortunately, there is no research confirming this ingredient, but there is no harm in consuming these herbal ingredients because they contain various good ingredients for the body.

It is very important to keep the menstrual cycle normal because from here you can also monitor the health of the reproductive organs. In order to be able to move comfortably and freely during menstruation, be sure to use pads that absorb well, are sealed and made of quality materials to protect the health of the intimate organs.