5 wars of ridicule and satire in the history of the rivalry between Manchester United and Man City: The nickname of noisy neighbors to Balotelli’s laughter


The rivalry between Manchester United ( MU ) and Man City is getting hotter after The Citizen has become a wealthy club since Skeikh Mansour took over.

Before getting a new owner who was rich and twisted, Manchester City only stood in the shadow of MU . Especially in the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils were really dominant.

At that time, MU was not only mighty in the English League, but also in Europe. One of the Red Devils’ best achievements was winning the treble in the 1998/1999 season, by winning the English League, FA Cup and Champions League.

However, the arrival of Sheikh Mansour changed the competition. Man City is no longer a noisy neighboring club that only looks at the glory of Manchester United.

In fact, they have been able to harass MU in the era of Sir Alex Ferguson. Red Devils fans will find it difficult to forget their bitter defeat to City in the 2011/2012 Premier League title race.

In the long history of competition between Manchester United and Man City, there have often been ridicules and hot innuendos from both camps. Here are some of them, quoted from various sources.

1. Noisy Neighbors
Manchester United manager , Sir Alex Ferguson, who first uttered the term “noisy neighbor”, was precisely in 2009. At that time, Ferguson satirized The Citizen’s maneuvers to buy players after the arrival of the new owner, Sheikh Mansour.

City’s star players include Yaya Toure, David Silva and Sergio Aguero. City even hijacked Carlos Tevez from MU.

“Sometimes, you have noisy neighbors. You can’t do anything about it. They are always noisy. You just have to get used to it, turn on the television and set the sound a little louder,” said Ferguson, as reported by Sky Sports .

2. Again Ferguson
Ferguson also once issued a stinging comment when interviewed in 2008. When asked whether Manchester United could be beaten by his city team, Ferguson answered scathingly.

“It hasn’t happened in my life,” Ferguson said at the time.

3. Falling in the Wind
Jose Mourinho when he was manager of Manchester United had also thrown psychic at Manchester City, to be precise in December 2017.

At that time, Mourinho said The Citizen’s balance was quite weak, so it would fall if hit by the wind.

“Manchester City are a good team, defending well. They have good dynamics in attack, they also have creative movement,” Mourinho said, as quoted by the Manchester Evening News .

“They have very extraordinary players. They also have a fantastic coach and all the other good things. But if you ask me the one thing I don’t like about them is that the team doesn’t have a good balance. Just a little wind has made them fall,” continued Mourinho.

4. Why Always Me?
Manchester United had suffered a miserable defeat to Manchester City in the 2011/2012 season, to be precise on October 23, 2011. At that time, Manchester United were beaten by City 1-6 at home.

Mario Balotelli contributed two goals in that match. He also became the center of attention for his iconic celebration.

After scoring a goal, Mario Balotelli took off the jersey he was wearing to show the writing on his undershirt. The controversial Italian player showed off a t-shirt that read ‘Why Always Me’.

The writing was handpicked by Mario Balotelli, because it has a special. However, Mario Balotelli did not want to mention the reason to the public.

“I wear it for many reasons, but let everyone interpret it, I’m sure they will understand what it means,” Mario told The Sun.

5. Mario Balotelli Again
After leaving Manchester City, Mario Balotelli is still following the heat of the Manchester derby. He made striking comments after City’s 3-1 win over Manchester United on 12 November 2018.

“Once blue, always blue,” Balotelli wrote, commenting on a photo of Aguero on Manchester City’s Instagram account.

“Manchester United LOL (laughs out loud) again and again!” added Balotelli.