5 Traits of Dr. Exemplary Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog


1. Smart

When Sonic accidentally releases his power on Earth, the United States government is panicked by the appearance of this extraordinary power. In order to investigate the origin of the power that caused the nation’s electricity to go out, the United States Department of Defense inevitably sent Dr. Robotnik to investigate.

Some people in the United States Department of Defense were actually reluctant to send Dr. Robotnik because of his arrogant nature. However, they were forced to call Dr. Robotnik because of its intelligence is considered capable of solving the problems they are facing. Dr. Robotnik seems to prove that smart people cannot be underestimated and will definitely be needed by others.

2. Optimistic

Dr. Robotnik is very aware that he is a genius. That is why he often acts arrogantly and often underestimates the people around him. This kind of character is clearly bad and should not be imitated. But on the bright side, Dr. Robotnik is always optimistic when given a challenge by others.

Dr. Robotnik does not care about the negative judgment and hatred of others towards him. Dr. Robotnik remains focused and optimistic that he will find the source of the great power that makes the United States power out. He firmly believes that his intelligence will find Sonic more than military power.

3. Trying to Get What He Wants

As soon as Dr. Robotnik managed to find Sonic at Tom’s house, he was immediately determined to get Sonic and research the blue hedgehog. Moreover, after he knew there was great power from just one thorn that Sonic had. Dr. Robotnik wants Sonic’s power to be used as a source of power for his robot creations.

Dr. Goal. Robotnik to exploit Sonic is certainly not a commendable act. However, he doesn’t hesitate to put forth great effort to get what he wants. With various findings, he tries to chase Sonic alone, even to the point of following Sonic to various parts of the world.

4. Everything Made Fun

Dr. Robotnik may seem annoying to many. On the other hand, this character actually has a humorous side, although his jokes are often sarcasm and make other people irritated to hear it. Dr. Robotnik can’t joke around with other people, but he has a way of making things around him fun for himself.

While tracking Sonic’s whereabouts, Robotnik finds himself in what appears to be his laboratory. While searching for Sonic and preparing equipment to pursue him, Dr. Robotnik still had time to do the dance. In fact, he made himself feel as if he was being chased by a T-Rex while dancing.

5. It’s not easy to give up

At the end of the film, Dr. Robotnik is defeated by Sonic and sent to a planet full of mushrooms. Stranded alone on a mushroom planet makes Dr. Robotnik lost his mind Not only lost his mind, Dr. Robotnik also changed its appearance to look exactly like Dr. Robotnik in the game.

Although stranded on an island in the middle of nowhere, Dr. Robotnik doesn’t just give up. He was determined to get out of the planet with only one thorn belonging to Sonic that he kept. He seems to have devised various plans that could get him off the mushroom planet and back after Sonic.