5 Touching Fan Theories About BIGBANG MV, Still Life


After a long wait, BIGBANG has finally released a digital single with the title song “Still Life” on April 4, 2022. This song with touching lyrics and a sad melody makes fans both touched and sad when they heard it. Moreover, the lyrics describe their difficult times.

But besides the sad lyrics and melody, fans also discussed their theories regarding this BIGBANG MV. So what theory is it? Come on, look at the following!

1. The meaning of the lyrics that describe separation

It is a snippet from one of the stanzas of the “Still Life” lyrics. The lyrics, which contain goodbyes, immediately make fans cry. Not only that, the ballad tone in this song adds to the overthinking, is BIGBANG saying goodbye with the song?

2. The meaning behind the four chairs

In the MV “Still Life”, there is a scene showing 4 chairs lined up. But if you pay attention, one of the chairs is broken. Fans also assumed that the one broken chair was an analogy for Seungri, who is a former member of BIGBANG.

Then where the seat for the other person? In another scene , a director chair is also shown belonging to Kwon Ji Yong aka G-Dragon. Then complete 5 seats in this MV.

3. None of them are one frame, a sign of dissolution?

If you watch from start to finish, you will realize that none of the members are in the same frame . They even have their own very different concepts, as if they have their own world.

This actually makes me overthinking, because it seems as if the members of BIGBANG will go on with their respective careers. Many are worried that BIGBANG will disband.

4. Big Bang poster that looks like The Beatles’ last album poster

For information, The Beatles was a very popular band in the 1960s. In the middle of their peak career, they decided to disband, because there was no chemistry with each other.

This has frightened fans, considering that the poster for BIGBANG album this time has a similar concept to the poster for The Beatles’ last album. Many assumed that the song “Still Life” could be their last song.

5. Sentences written in stone

This time, don’t overthink . In the MV for Taeyang scene , behind him is a rocky mountain with a sentence written on it. It turns out to be part of the Bible from Psalm (30:11), which means:

This could be interpreted as BIGBANG being happy, like people dancing, because of their comeback.

Despite the many theories in BIGBANG MV this time, “Still Life” is a song that is pleasing to both fans and non-fans alike . Have you heard the song yet?