5 Thriller Movie Recommendations of the 2000s, Maximum Tension!


Of the many film genres that exist, thriller is one of the most preferred film genres. Thriller genre films always manage to make the audience feel the tension experienced by the characters in it. Besides the intense situation, the reason this genre has so many fans is the unpredictable storyline.

While pumping adrenaline, the audience is invited to guess what really happened in the film. Well, if you like this genre of film, the five recommended thriller films from the 2000s below might be your next favorite. Guaranteed to be tense! Anything?

Memento (2000)
Who doesn’t know Christopher Nolan? Yes, the London-born filmmaker is famous for his blockbuster films such as The Dark Knight (2008) and Interstellar (2014). However, before that he had made a low- budget film called Memento , you know. Despite only having a budget of US$9 million, Memento cannot be underestimated in terms of quality.

The cinematography applied by Christopher Nolan in this film is quite unique. There are several sections in Memento that use black-and-white techniques . Not without reason, this style was applied by Christopher Nolan to explain the timeline sequence in Memento. Guaranteed, you will be surprised if you are able to sequence the timeline correctly. How about it, have you watched it?

Panic Room (2002)
Do you like the home invasion theme ? You must watch this Panic Room directed by David Fincher ( Seven , Fight Club ). Unmitigated, this film puts actresses like Jodie Foster and Kirsten Stewart into the main character. The two of them play Meg and Sarah Altman, a mother and daughter who have just moved into a new house.

The supposedly quiet move is suddenly interrupted when three robbers raid their new home one night. Meg and Sarah try to protect themselves by taking advantage of the panic room built by the previous owner. Tensions grew when Sarah’s diabetes flared up. Meg must rack her brains to save Sarah before it’s too late.

High Tension (2003)
If you’re looking for a good non-Hollywood film, this French film called High Tension can really add you to your watchlist . This film is written and directed by Alexandre Aja, a filmmaker who has made audiences shiver through The Hills Have Eyes (2006) and Crawl (2019). Of course, this proves that this film is unquestionable in terms of quality.

Actually, the storyline in High Tension is quite simple. This film tells the story of a pair of friends named Marie (Cécile de France) and Alex (Maïwenn) who must survive the pursuit of a serial killer. The audience still thinks so until Alexandre Aja reveals the identity of the killer towards the end. Guaranteed, the plot twist in High Tension will make you hah-hoh-hah-hoh like a snail!

Flightplan (2005)
Three years after battling muggers alongside Kirsten Stewart in Panic Room , Jodie Foster is back in the thriller genre with Robert Schwentke ‘s film Flightplan . This time, Jodie plays Kyle Pratt, an aircraft engineer from Berlin who recently lost her husband. As if not enough, the ordeal hit Kyle again when he flew back to America to bring his husband’s body.

On the plane, his only daughter, Julia (Marlene Lawston) suddenly disappears. Surprisingly, neither the crew nor the passengers on the plane knew about Julia’s whereabouts. At this point, Robert Schwentke managed to make the audience wonder. Does Julia really exist or is it just Kyle’s illusion? What is clear is that, apart from the anti-mainstream storyline , Jodie Foster’s wonderful acting is also the reason why Flightplan is too bad for you to miss.

The Strangers (2008)
at a glance, The Strangers has a very similar premise to Panic Room . However, the level of tension presented in The Strangers is slightly different. The intruders in this film choose to hide their identities behind a very creepy mask . That’s what earned The Strangers a cult status among movie fans.

Even though the the low budget , the film, starring Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman, was quite successful at the box office , you know. The Strangers managed to collect coffers 82.4 million US dollars during its screening. Apart from being a commercial success, the ending of this film also managed to bring up an interesting discussion about pastoral paranoia . So it makes you more curious, right?

The series of thriller films from the 2000s above are perfect for those of you who like adrenaline. To make it more fun, don’t forget to invite your friends to watch it together, OK? Happy watching!