5 things Manchester United must do if you want to win


Ahead of the Premier League match Manchester United vs Chelsea in the 35th week continued at Old Trafford Stadium, Friday 29 April 2022.

In the previous match Manchester United had to swallow a 3-1 defeat when they traveled to Arsenal headquarters. Three goals for Arsenal were scored by Nuno Traves (3), Bakayo Saka (32) and Mohamed Elneny (70), while Manchester United in the 34th minute got a consolation goal from Cristiano Ronaldo.

The result of this defeat makes it increasingly difficult for Manchester United to be in the Champions League position, it looks MU is in sixth place in the standings with 54 points from 34 matches.

In tonight’s match, Chelsea are the favorites to win, in three matches in the Premier League, Thomas Tuchel’s men have won twice. Beating Chelsea is not an easy thing for Manchester United, but that doesn’t mean there is no hope of winning, if Manchester United can correct some mistakes at the back, winning is not impossible.

Here are some things that Manchester United must do if they want to win against Chelsea, as follows:

1. Fix Error

Bruno Fernandes and Victor Lindelof

With Harry Maguire out with a knee injury, this is a good opportunity to pair Vitor Lindelof and Raphael Varane in defence, as both players have defensive intelligence, but Lindelof and Varane have not been able to take advantage of them this season. In the previous match against Arsenal, MU conceded three goals, it was a lack of coordination from Varane with Lindelof, it was seen several times Varane failed to cut the ball through breakthroughs which made Bukayo Saka always trouble David De Gea, as well as Lindelof who always failed to throw the ball in situations dangerous. In the match tonight, Chelsea will certainly make it difficult for MU’s defenders. If MU makes another mistake like facing Arsenal, winning is just wishful thinking.

2. Unlock Attacks From the Beginning

Chelsea coach, Thomas Tuchel has a lot of tactics that can be troublesome for Manchester United, It seems that some top teams always struggle against the Blues. Maybe at this moment Manchester United are not at the same level, but if United use attacking tactics, to win it is very possible.

To be able to win against Chelsea, the Red Devils must open the attack from the early minutes, and try to create some chances or create an advantage, after making a series of attacks, MU can certainly win.

3. Midfield Control

It is certain that Manchester United will not be reinforced by Fred and Paul Pogba in midfield, therefore when facing Chelsea, Scott McTominay, Nemanja Matic and Bruno Fernandes will guard Manchester United’s midfield.

Together with Bruno Fernandes who is responsible for guarding the MU midfield along with Matic and McTominay, they have to fight hard. Because the Chelsea midfield is filled by Ngolo Kante and Ruben Loftus Cheek who have strong ball control. But if the MU midfielders can stop the movement of the two Chelsea midfielders, then MU has a chance to win.

4. Keep a close eye on Mason Mount, Kai Havertz and Timo Werner

In the last few games for Chelsea, there have been players who have performed very well, such as Timo Werner, Mason Mount and Kai Havertz. These three players can be a problem for Manchester United’s defense, as Mason Mount in six games has scored three goals and provided three assists. While Kai Havertz who served as a center forward has scored five goals in seven matches.

Finally, Timo Werner has replaced Romelu Lukaku in the striker position and is in his best form, the German has scored four goals in his last four matches. If Manchester United can keep these three players, it is not impossible to win.

Manchester United must be able to use Cristiano Ronaldo to score goals, give Ronaldo as much possession as possible, the Portuguese player has scored 16 goals for Manchester United in the Premier League, more than any other MU player.

Manchester United must be able to take advantage of a series of counter-attacks quickly, then throw a cross into the goal which is ready to be greeted by Cristiano Ronaldo, as we know that Ronaldo is no doubt in the matter of duels in the air.

If Ronaldo gets the favor of several other players to be able to score goals, then there is a high possibility for Manchester United to win against Chelsea.