5 Superhero Movie Actresses Who Appear Naked in Other Movies, There’s Amber Heard!

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Even before the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and DC Extended Universe (DCEU), both DC and Marvel had released quite a few films starring many well-known actors and actresses.

Not a few experienced actresses who starred in DC and Marvel films, including those with experience in nude scenes. Previously, KINCIR has discussed a row of superhero film actresses who have done hot scenes in other films .

So, who are the superhero movie actresses who have appeared naked in other films?

Superhero movie actress who appears naked in another movie
1. Florence Pugh ( Lady Macbeth )

After the death of Natasha Romanoff in Avengers: Endgame (2019), Marvel Studios introduced Yelena Belova, a new Black Widow created as Natasha’s successor. Yelena is played by a young actress who is currently on the rise, namely Florence Pugh. After appearing in the film Black Widow (2021), Pugh returned to play Yelena in the Hawkeye series .

Pugh himself just debuted as an actress at the age of 18 through the film The Falling (2014). Only two years after his debut, Pugh has dared to do hot scenes and even appear naked in the film Lady Macbeth (2016). In the film, Pugh appears without a thread and even dares to show his body since the beginning of the film.

Adapted from the novel titled Lady Macbeth of the Mtsensk District , Lady Macbeth tells the story of a young woman named Katherine (Pugh) who is forced to marry without love to a man who is much older than her.

2. Amber Heard ( The Informers )

In fact, Heard has debuted as an actress since the age of 18 through the film Friday Night Lights (2004).

Even in his debut film, Heard has dared to do sex scenes. Judging from his filmography, it’s clear that Heard built his career by taking on bold roles. But among all his films, Heard really dared to open up in the film The Informers (2008). Heard is even more naked for most of her appearances in the film.

The Informers tells the story of the lives of a group of rich people who eliminate their sense of emptiness with free sex, alcohol, and drugs. In this film, Heard mostly do sex scenes and take drugs. In addition to The Informers , Heard also dared to show his body in The Joneses (2009), Alpha Dog (2006), and London Fields (2018).

3. Salma Hayek ( Desperado )

Unlike most actors who get superhero roles at a young age, Salma Hayek appeared as Ajak in the film Eternals (2021) when she was 55 years old. Hayek herself debuted as an actress through a telenovela entitled Un Nuevo Amanecer , which aired in 1988. She immediately plunged into the world of film through the Hollywood film Mi Vida Loca (1993).

Two years after his debut in the film world, Hayek got the opportunity to star in the film directed by Robert Rodriguez, entitled Desperado (1995). In this film, Hayek collided with another well-known Hollywood actor, namely Antonio Banderas.

In fact, Hayek actually didn’t like the sex scenes he did in Desperado . The scene wasn’t in the script at first, but director Rodriguez suddenly thought of adding it halfway through filming.

One of The Dark Knight trilogy , namely The Dark Knight Rises (2012), introduces the figure of Selina Kyle or better known as Catwoman. Well, did you know that Hathaway started her career with a debut in the Disney film The Princess Diaries (2001)?

Not wanting to get the same role, Hathaway started taking on a different role in Havoc (2005), a film that tells the story of a group of wealthy Los Angeles teenagers who lead a gangster-style lifestyle. Five years after appearing in Havoc , Hathaway dared to appear openly through the film Love & Other Drugs (2010).

Acting opposite Jake Gyllenhaal, Love & Other Drugs is about the relationship between a drug dealer and a girl who suffers from early symptoms of Parkinson’s. In most of the films, Gyllenhaal and Hathaway perform sex scenes and appear naked.