5 Strongest Members of the Shimotsuki Family in One Piece! Zoro Included?


The Shimotsuki family has a number of powerful members in One Piece .

Who are the strongest members of the Shimotsuki family in One Piece? Here are five that stand out the most!

5. Quina
Kuina belongs to the Shimotsuki family because she is the granddaughter of Shimotsuki Kozaburo.

As we can see in Zoro’s flashback in the early days of One Piece , Kuina is very talented with a sword so little Zoro can’t beat her.

Too bad Kuina is dead.

4. Koushirou
Koushirou is Zoro’s teacher.

He is part of the Shimotsuki clan, because his father turns out to be Shimotsuki Kozaburo.

I can’t put him too high, because his sword skills haven’t been shown much either.

Even so it couldn’t be ruled out, as a teacher of swordsmanship, he would definitely be good at it.

One hint of Koushirou’s strength is that he understands Wano style sword teachings.

Especially his teaching to Zoro about “The pinnacle of swordsmanship is the power to protect what you want to protect and cut what you want to cut. A sword that hurts everything isn’t really a sword.”

We have seen Koushirou’s teachings since Zoro’s flashback in chapter 194. Then in chapter 939, Hyogoro also said something similar to Luffy to explain about Ryuo , about a good sword that will cut steel when the user wants it and can’t cut paper when the user don’t want to cut, and it all depends on the will of the warrior.

3. Shimotsuki Ushimaru
Ushimaru is a skilled swordsman.

Indeed, we are not shown much of the action. He also lost to Kaido’s side, and was locked up in Onigashima.

But there is one chapter where we get an idea of ​​Ushimaru’s power: chapter 1024, in Yamato’s flashback.

There he can coat the sword with Haki so he can cut Yamato’s chains easily.

He was also later able to chop large rocks.

Ushimaru’s sword style is also said to be similar to Zoro by Kawamatsu in chapter 1023.

2. Roronoa Zoro
I don’t know whether Zoro himself knows it or not, but he is a descendant of Shimotsuki.

Shimotsuki Furiko, his grandmother, is the older sister of Shimotsuki Ushimaru.

The factor he is the grandson of Furiko makes Zoro I think he can be on this list.

With Zoro’s ability to cut wounds that hurt Kaido, plus he can defeat King, Zoro feels very powerful.

He can also still further develop his strength.

1. Shimotsuki Ryuma (especially while he was alive)
Ryuma is a Shimotsuki.

He is also an excellent swordsman.

One clue to his strength is that Shusui’s sword can become a Black Blade Sword.

So far there are only two known Black Blade Swords in One Piece , namely Yoru and Shusui. Yoru is Mihawk’s sword, who is said to be the greatest swordsman in the world today. While Shusui was Ryuma’s sword in life.

Ryuma also seems to have been the Greatest Swordsman in the World.

In the Monsters story , Ryuma actually wanted to fight a figure named “King” who was called the Strongest Swordsman at the time.

The problem? The figure called King was actually Ryuma himself. Ryuma in the story doesn’t realize it, because the title of King is given by people he helps without his knowledge.

So in the Monsters story , Ryuma is actually the Strongest Swordsman.

Well… in SBS volume 47, Oda confirmed that Ryuma in Monsters is the same as Ryuma in One Piece .

Ryuma’s zombies might not be that strong. The proof is that Zoro can beat him. But Ryuma when he was alive felt really an extraordinary figure.

As long as Zoro isn’t called the Greatest Swordsman in the World, he probably hasn’t surpassed Ryuma yet.

So, those are the five strongest members of the Shimotsuki family in One Piece .

Besides them, there are actually figures like Shimotsuki Kozaburo, or Roronoa Pinzoro (married Shimotsuki Furiko), or Roronoa Arashi (child of Furiko), but this one’s strength is really unknown.