5 Recommendations for Korean Web Dramas about College Life, Really Relate


Recently, Korean web dramas are increasingly in demand by fans. Unlike dramas in general, web dramas have a shorter duration and are easily accessible because they tend to be broadcast digitally. This type of drama is perfect for busy viewers, but still don’t want to miss the latest dramas.

Even though they are short in duration, web dramas are certainly no less exciting to watch. An interesting and fast-paced storyline and a number of featured actresses and actors also make the web drama successful in attracting attention.

Here are a series of college-themed web dramas that are suitable for you to watch on the sidelines of your busy life. Everything can be watched legally through various online platforms, you know! Come on, see the list of recommendations!


1. Love Playlist
Love Playlist is a web drama produced by Playlist Studio which has started airing since 2015. In fact, Love Playlist has now reached its 4th season which aired in 2019.

Love Playlist focuses on each different character in each season . Various stories of student life are presented in this drama, ranging from friendship problems to the romance of the main character.

Love Playlist has always received a lot of love from fans because of its light and refreshing story. Love Playlist can be enjoyed on Youtube, Vlive, and NaverTV Global Playlist channels as well as WeTV.

2. In-Seoul
If you are a fangirl , maybe you will like this web drama. This Playlist Studio web drama has 2 seasons , all of which can be enjoyed on Playlist Global’s VLive and Naver TV channels.

In the first season, In-Seoul tells the story of Dami, a high school student who often gets into fights with her mother because she watches her idol too much instead of studying. Because of his passion, he was motivated to graduate from college in Seoul so he could live apart from his mother and live in the city of his dreams with his friends.

Meanwhile, In-Seoul season two tells the story of Da Mi when she was a student in Seoul. All his expectations about his life in Seoul were not all true. There are so many obstacles that Dami goes through, starting from friendship, romance, to Dami’s relationship with his mother.


3. Growing Season
Growing Season is a web drama set in college that tells the story of the friendship of Ban Ah In, Heo Ji Yoo, and Kang Ha Young. This web drama depicts the romance and college life of each of the main characters who have different goals in various ways.

These three female students who have opposite personalities are members of a group. They also experience many events that can be used as new learning to continue to grow and process.

This web drama produced by Playlist Studio can be enjoyed on five channels, including Playlist Studio on Facebook, Naver TV, V-Live, YouTube, and WeTv.


4. Twenty Twenty
Twenty Twenty is also one of the web dramas produced by Playlist Studio. This web drama has been widely discussed after getting UP10TION’s Wooshin or Kim Woo Seok as the main character, you know.

Twenty Twenty tells the story of children in their twenties who share their problems and difficulties that they must face when they are in the process of becoming adults.

This web drama discusses the search for identity and the struggles of people in their 20s who are learning to become adults. You can watch Twenty Twenty on Playlist Studio on Naver TV, V-Live, or WeTv, right!

5. It’s Okay To Be Sensitive Season 1
The web drama It’s Okay to be Sensitive tells the story of the experiences and challenges faced by five new students. The five of them are often witnesses and even targets of sexual harassment.

This web drama by tvN D Studio provides a lot of education about social issues, especially gender equality and sexual harassment. Each episode addresses a different social issue, such as how to deal with verbal abuse in the classroom and the dangers of working part-time until late at night.

Those are five recommendations for popular Korean web dramas with the theme of college life. From the series of web drama recommendations above, there are many that can be watched once it’s finished, you know! Very suitable, deh, for those of you who do not have too much free time.