5 Reasons to Buy a Used MacBook Still Worth It, Lots of Good Luck!


MacBook is one type of laptop produced by Apple, it’s no wonder that the selling price of this laptop has a fairly high price tag. Behind the expensive price, this laptop does have a superior value when compared to Windows-based laptops in general.

In this article, the author will provide a review of five reasons why buying a MacBook is still worth it and is still relatively competitive compared to laptops with Windows operating systems at the same price. How’s the full review? (`) (`) (`) (`) (`) (`) (`) (`)

1. The price is cheaper when compared to new laptops based on Windows

In terms of price, of course, used MacBooks are priced lower than new Windows-based laptops of comparable quality. So for long-term usability investments, MacBooks can still be relied on for long-term computing activities.

In addition, at a comparable price, a Windows-based laptop will still not be able to match the quality and performance offered by the MacBook. Especially if the computing activities that we do are more specific in the direction of editing , rendering , and design.

2. Has much better security when compared to Windows-based laptops

Talking about security , Apple is one of the gadget manufacturers who are not half-hearted in protecting their products from virus threats in the form of malware , trojans , and so on. No wonder if this underlies many large companies who prefer Apple products for reasons of excellent security .

So that by buying a used MacBook, we can feel safe in working and storing various data in the Apple ecosystem. Especially if our work is related to the accounting segment which requires data protection with a superior level of security.

3. Have higher quality components

As we know, Apple is one of the laptop manufacturers who are not half-hearted in choosing the components used. In terms of build quality and lifespan, the MacBook is definitely superior to Windows-based laptops.

In addition, the quantity offered by the MacBook is two times superior when compared to Windows-based laptops. It’s just that for upgrades , MacBooks are quite expensive in terms of component prices.

4. Has a much better screen quality

Is one of the characteristics of the MacBook, no wonder if this underlies many designers who use the MacBook as their work canvas. Because in terms of quality, no matter how good the screen on a Windows-based laptop, it will not be able to match the color quality with a MacBook.

These qualities include color rendering and color accuracy, so that MacBook design and editing work is more in demand.

5. Adds a professional impression to its users

As we know, all products from Apple always symbolize a classy luxury with quality. So that by using MacBook products, the professional impression will increase for workers such as designers and editors when they are meeting clients.

Because indirectly, MacBook users will look more serious in pursuing the field they are involved in. Because of the construction specifications, MacBook is more aimed at workers who are specific with a very high loyalty to the field they are engaged in.

If you consider the five things above, of course buying a used MacBook is more worth it from all aspects when compared to a Windows-based laptop. Especially with the price offered, we get specifications, security features, and far superior quality.